Cleanse! 5 Juicing Recipes to kick off the New Year

A juice cleanse is a great way to start the New Year and refresh your body after the holidays. A juice cleanse can boost your body’s cleansing abilities as well as have many benefits including detox, weight loss and increase in energy. Juice detox your body with these fruit and vegetable juice recipe combos below.

Ultimate Green Juice
1 bunch celery
4-5 kale leaves
1 green apple
one big handful of flat leaf parsley leaves
1 lime
1 lemon
1 inch of fresh ginger

Cucumber Apple Detox
2 stalks of fennel
½ cucumber
½ green apple
1 handful of mint
1 inch of fresh ginger

Beet, Apple and Blackberry Juice
3 small beets
2-3 apples
8 oz. blackberries
1/2 inch fresh ginger

Fresh Start
2 stalks celery
1/2 cucumber
1/2 lime
1 cup cilantro
1 cup kale
1 green apple

Carrot Cucumber Detox
3-4 carrots
1 cucumber
½ beet
½ lemon
1 inch of fresh ginger

Sidewalk Juice recommends a juice cleanse between 3-7 days and shares a customized cleanse menu including the local favorite, the Green Energy, a juice that combines kale, spinach, apple, lemon, ginger, parsley, celery and cucumber and provides an instant boost of energy and health.

Breakfast: The Jake: 4x the kale, pineapple, lemon, ginger and celery.
Snack: Green Energy: spinach, parsley, kale, celery, cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger.
Lunch: Purple Energy: beets, apple, celery, lemon, carrots, ginger.
Dinner: The Chuy: double kale, double spinach, double parsley, ginger, pineapple and pear.

Project Juice has several packages to assist in your cleansing. While juice cleansing with Project Juice, you flood your body with nearly 20 lbs of USDA certified organic produce per day, cold pressed into delicious juices that are filled with active enzymes and vibrant nutrition. Here are some tips from Project Juice on ‘How To Do a Juice Cleanse’.

A juice cleanse is viewed by many as an express ticket to wellness. Whether you stop by a local spot or whip up your own concoction, get your juice on and step into the New Year refreshed and ready to take on 2016. rates Bay Meadows high on the list for walkable locations to live on the San Francisco Peninsula and for good reason! Bay Meadows has a high Walkscore because it is steps from shopping, groceries, parks, Caltrain, a farmer’s market and a few short miles from downtown San Mateo with its bourgeoning restaurant scene. Check out our Mosey suggestions for more places to explore on foot!

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