Lift-off 2019 with the Ladies of LIFT

One of the reasons to return to a routine with conviction is that built sense of community, the commodore, the people you surround yourself with – your champions! This year, make those resolutions stick by creating a new fit family at LIFT San Mateo, right here at Bay Meadows. We’re all human and even your trusty instructors have their secret indulgences. Meet the ladies of LIFT and share in their holiday favorites this season.

From left to right (top to bottom): Hanna, Priscilla, Kelly and Amy

image: amy waldman

Amy Waldman/Fitness Professional, aka fitness tour guide. I teach LIFT Bike, Barre and Heated HIIT

My favorite holiday movie: Love Actually and Elf, obvi

Our family tradition includes:  We are creating new traditions with our 4.5 year old daughter. They include, but are not limited to, Christmas Caroling, spending time with family and friends, listening to and soaking in as much holiday cheer as possible. As importantly, being kind and available and connecting with as many people as possible. The holidays are a wonderful time for many, but a tough time for many others.

Favorite holiday tune: All I want for Christmas (duh), Jingle bells, Marshmallow world, Rudolph, Feliz Navidad

Secret holiday indulgence: I attend an annual cookie swap, it is a bit of a ‘friendly’ competition. Many people attend, which means, there are many different baked goods to sample to be a fair judge. :)

Best way to work it off: At LIFT!!


Kelly McLellan, LIFT Barre Instructor

My favorite holiday movie: The Ref

Favorite holiday tune: Santa Baby (Ertha Kit)

Secret holiday indulgence: Everything at every party!

Best way to work it off: LIFT HI Barre Baby!


Priscilla Chung, LIFT Barre and Heated HIIT Instructor

My favorite holiday movie: Elf

Our family tradition includes:  Baking cookies 🍪

Favorite holiday tune: Hallelujah

Secret holiday indulgence: Eating too many cookies

Best way to work it off: LIFT!

image: amy waldman

Hanna Wilkerson, Studio manager/ LIFT Bike teacher

My favorite holiday movie: Home Alone / Christmas vacation

Our family tradition includes: Every year, we all open our new pjs on xmas eve, then drink hot coco and play monopoly, while watching Home Alone!!

Favorite holiday tune: O Holy Night

Secret holiday indulgence: Pumpkin pie, plus making homemade sugar cookies with the fam!

Best way to work it off: LIFT Bike :))

Get started to a fit new 2019 with the ladies who LIFT! The San Mateo studio is open and ready to LIFT your body and heart! Full schedule is live, so register, sign up and get ready to LIFT. We believe we are better together so bring a friend!

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