Savor the Moment at these San Mateo Coffee Spots

Bay Meadows is a destination itself – with pocket parks to stretch your legs, eateries, a beer garden, bocce courts and all the essentials you need right here including a great cup of coffee calling your name. In addition to Blue Bottle Café at Town Square, there’s more ways to enjoy your favorite roast around San Mateo and we’re sharing some of our favorite spots to savor a daily moment.

People watching is perfect here. Blue Bottle Café is located at 3081 Delaware Street in Bay Meadows Town Square. Open Monday through Friday: 7am-7pm, Saturday and Sunday: 7am-8pm, wake up to fresh brew creations from Blue Bottle right outside your door. This spot is great for people watching and enjoying alongside Jeppe Hein’s Mirror Labyrinth NY for CA in the open-air. Be sure to snap and share photos of your #dogsofbluebottle outside the Café. Blue Bottle often features these sweet, familiar faces. Prefer to brew at home? Take home an Espresso Set with three blends designed specifically for espresso and whip up a batch of your own Liège Wafels. Perfect on-the-go, these tender wafels were designed to pair with coffee – fluffy inside with a crisp, sweet outer crust that makes syrup unnecessary.

“Espresso is neither a type of roast nor a type of coffee bean. It’s a brewing method—one that forces water through a compact puck of coffee to create a drink that, when done well, rivals fine art.” via @bluebottle

Get ready to Philz up. Philz Coffee is located in the new North Block Plaza just next door to Bay Meadows at Hillsdale Shopping Center. Open daily from 5:30am-8pm, we look forward to their iconic, creative blends. We’re partial to the Iced Mint Mojito and feeling pretty jazzed to enjoy it closer to home. Ask for it the House Way! View more menu items here.

Worth a trip for the croissants alone. Backhaus is a downtown San Mateo favorite, located at 32 E 3rd Avenue. Open Tuesday-Sunday: 7:30am-4pm, closed Mondays, it’s a great place to relax and wind down with a cup of coffee and pistachio raspberry croissant. Their croissants take a minimum of three days from start to finish, resulting in a delicious buttery croissant with a beautiful honeycomb structure at the end. Known for their pastry, Backhaus is beloved by all. We recommend getting there early and taking home an extra kougin amann.

Destination downtown. Three Bees Coffee House is another great coffee house located at 224 E 3rd Avenue in downtown San Mateo. The hours are Monday-Friday 6:30am-5pm and Saturday-Sunday 7am-5pm. This locally owned and operated café serves delicious coffee, espresso and treats within a relaxing ambience. Try the Caramel Macchiato paired with an Egg and Sausage Sandwich.

Feed your soul, add a side of coffee. Fiero Caffe located at 106 S. El Camino Real is open Monday-Friday: 7am-5pm, closed Tuesday and open weekends Saturday-Sunday: 6:30am-4pm. This bright and spacious spot on El Camino Real serves up generous breakfast and lunch, plus people love their drip coffee.

Wow, what a gem! Lovely seating inside & out with fantastic food and coffee. Veggie omelet was delicious and generously packed with ingredients. Salmon omelet also had a THICK layer of salmon. Both came with a pleasant side salad (light, lemony vinaigrette) and flavorful, lightly toasted baguette. The fruit bowl was huge, heavy on berries, and everything in it was ripe. Not sure why other reviews say small portions because this was lots of food. The drip coffee was super tasty!” Victoria S.

They had us at Eggs Benedict, fresh brewed coffee is simply a bonus. Patio Coffee Shop serves up a variety of breakfast and lunch entrees at 25 W 25th Avenue with a backdrop of homey, patio views. Open daily 7:30am-2pm, pair your daily perk with the Eggs Benedict.

The owner also takes pride in the coffee drinks, and the smoothies are second-to-none.” – Chris W.

Partial to Peet’s? You can pick up your favorite brew at the café in the Whole Foods adjacent to Bay Meadows or order ahead and enjoy it downtown at 255 E. 3rd Avenue.