Bay Meadows’ Parks: Acres of Adventure!

Explore Bay Meadows’ parks this summer!

Bay Meadows’ three parks and open space total nearly 18 acres. That means 18 acres of room to play, explore, and enjoy the great outdoors. And starting this month, two of our parks will be open for all to enjoy! Bay Meadows’ three parks, Paddock Park, Bay Meadows Park, and Linear Park, are designed with recreation and sustainable living in mind. To help you learn more about our three parks, we’ve provided a brief overview below. We also picked some of our favorite summer recipes to get you in the summer picnicking spirit – we selected a different favorite recipe for each park!

Paddock Park – now open!

A family oriented park, the 1.5-acre Paddock Park is well-positioned in the heart of the Bay Meadows community. The park is centered by a picnic & BBQ area, half basketball court and paved plaza that separates the large tot playground from the sprawling open lawn. The playground is fenced and gated, and features age specific play equipment on a safety surface, as well as a sand area and water-play environment. The grass lawn is ideal for family recreation and lawn sports. Perfect Picnic Recipe: Classic Potato Salad

Bay Meadows Park – now open!

Bay Meadows Park is Bay Meadows’ largest recreational area, encompassing 12 acres of land (it’s comparable in size to San Mateo’s Central Park, which is around 16 acres). The park’s extensive recreation amenities include a baseball diamond, soccer field and an area for lawn bowling. There are also two picnic areas, an impeccably-manicured wetland garden, pond, and generous amounts of open space to take in the beautifully landscaped foliage. The entire park is encircled by a walking trail, perfect for jogging or walking the dog, and is lined by substantial leafy trees and large shrubs, providing a shady buffer between the park and the street. For a complete list of San Mateo’s parks, click here! Perfect Picnic Recipe: Colorful Summer Salad

Linear Park

Bay Meadows’ 1.5-acre Linear Park is an elegant parkway with a rich array of gathering spaces set within a beautiful garden. The unique layout allows for smaller “rooms” within the park that will attract garden lovers and those seeking a quieter park experience, while the larger open central lawn is perfect for outdoor activities and group gatherings. The perfect place for a picnic, the arbors covering large tables will move your dining room outdoors, while ornamental trees and leafy trellises create a perfect lounging space that redefines “reading room.” Perfect Picnic Recipe: Squash Blossom Focaccia 

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