Bay Meadows Bios: Kim Havens

Time for the first post of “Bay Meadows Bios”, a new blog series that will introduce you to the many faces of Bay Meadows. For this month’s bio, get to know Project Manager Kim Havens!


Tell us about your work at Bay Meadows. What does your typical day look like?
There are no typical days. Every day brings a variety of work which includes such things as interfacing with our merchant builders, processing plans with the great City of San Mateo staff, reviewing marketing material and working on our next land sale.

What interested you in the Bay Meadows project?
Bay Meadows is the best piece of infill land on a train station midway between San Francisco and San Jose at the intersection of 101 and 92. The size of Bay Meadows gives us the opportunity to make a new neighborhood for San Mateo that includes lots of parks and open space, diverse homes, a new retail street and beautiful office buildings. Executing a project that is so complex and important is exciting and challenging.

What is your most treasured possession?
Other than my family, it would be the Miguel Osuna paintings that I own. He’s a Mexican-American artist whom my husband and I met in downtown L.A. many years ago. His landscape paintings capture the incredible infrastructure and light of southern California.

Describe your perfect Sunday afternoon.
Hanging out on a West Marin beach with my family.

What is your favorite animal?
A Bernese Mountain Dog.

If you were in the “Miss America” talent competition, what would your talent be?