8 Bike Accessories on our Wish List

Imagine a bike with a bow in front of your new home. With all of the stylish wheels and loaded accessories 2-wheels have these days, you could say that this is the new version of a car with a bow. But what if you already have a bike you adore?  Well, one of the great things about cycling is that you’ll find an almost unlimited selection of gizmos to trick out your bike.  Here are 8 innovative, fun, and some downright good-looking gadgets that’ll definitely rock your ride.

Bitlock is ideal for thetech savvy rider in your life. Think MacGyver meets Steve Jobs. Embrace your inner Jedi and unlock your bike with your phone. You’ll be the envy of the bike lot with this powerful new tool.

A Leather Bicycle Wine Carrier is perfect for wine on the go!  If you like wine and you like biking, you’re going to love this dynamic duo. This handmade wine rack easily attaches to your bike frame and secures your bottle of wine when riding to your dinner destination. Just be careful peddling home!

Bicycle baskets can be an easy mini-makeover for your trusty mechanical steed.  The Carrie granny-chic bike basket can also be used as a shopping basket, picnic basket or turned upside down for an on-the-spot picnic table.  This is one classy and charming basket with versatility that will dress up your bike in a flash.

Bike Bells are becoming prettier and more practical than ever. These fun and bright colored hand-painted bells come in a variety of themes from animals to food as well as abstract shapes and designs, making it the perfect time to bust out your bike and show off your new embellished ding bling.

Bike Skirt Guards allow you to sit pretty on your bike without worrying about long garments tangling in your wheels. These beautiful lace crochet skirt guards are a must have for those with winter scarves and skirts out there on your riding sojourns.

Bike Wrappers provide better visibility, a bit of style and a lot of functionality.These are ingenious and reversible with a stylish pattern on one side for day riding, and a reflective coating on the other, providing great visibility at night.

Bike Planters allow you to let your garden grow on the go!  These easily attach to your bike with an elastic nylon cord giving you the chance to show off your love of nature by letting some of your flora friends hitch a ride and adding a touch of green to an already eco-friendly pastime. Show off your grow on the go style with fresh mint, lemon verbena or Tillandsia in tow.


Revolights rock! Kickstarting a bicycle safety revolution, these head-turners cast 360 degrees of illumination and improve safety tremendously.  They do an excellent job of allowing you to see at night and look like a Tron lightcycle riding down the road.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Here’s hoping that this handy list helps you find the perfect addition to add to your wish list for your care-free, car-free lifestyle at Bay Meadows.

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*Bike Bell image credit: Kikkerland Design