Zippgo – A Green Business on the Move

Bay Meadows’ Peace Love & Green Event is a great way to celebrate all things green in anticipation of Earth Day. Among many activities planned for the event, you’ll find a variety of sustainable businesses showcasing their green products, including Zippgo, the Green Moving Box company.

Zippgo offers a genius alternative to a dilemma we’ve likely all faced, the need for boxes when moving. Ash Sud, founder of Zippgo, started the company after a light bulb moment. Ash had founded an organic grocery delivery company in 2001. Vegetables and fruits were delivered to businesses and homes in green plastic boxes made from recycled materials. Each box was used over 400 times.

During this time, Ash had moved residences and used his green boxes to move all his belongings. After merging his grocery company, Ash no longer had access to the boxes and was forced to resort to cardboard during another move. Aside from being a waste of natural resources, Ash was disturbed by having to dispose of boxes he’d used only once.


And then “light bulb” turned on. “The moment when everything stops, the clouds disappear, the sun is the brightest its ever been, and the theme for the movie ‘Rocky’ starts magically playing.” Ash admits that while he didn’t actually hear the theme from Rocky, he did realize that the boxes he’d been using would be an excellent sustainable, economical and convenient alternative for people who are moving, and so Zippgo was born.

Zippgo offers a green alternative to the moving box and, for added convenience, you can also purchase other moving materials. While Ash thought that the primary reason people would use Zippgo would be for its minimal environmental impact, he’s found that convenience is also a big plus for his customers. Making moving easier and greener is a win all around.

Stop by Zippgo this weekend to learn more about the company and meet the team.

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