Getting Saucy with… Dave’s Gourmet

Red Hot Roundup made its debut on Oct 16, 2014 and guests were stunned by the creative cuisine using a host of special hot sauces. Favorite Bay Area Food Trucks upped the ante with twists on popular dish offerings like “Fire Balls” from Red Sauce Meatballs and Smothered in Sauce (Extra Spicy Smothered Fries)! Have you met your match in Dave’s Gourmet (HOT Sauce) yet? Sunset Magazine calls Dave “…the most legendary hot sauce guru”.  Find out his favorite pairings, the peppers with the best flavor and more! Read the interview with Dave:

What led you to create your hot sauce?  You might have heard my story, but it started as a joke at my Mexican Restaurant – Burrito Madness.  It was in a college town, where we had many drunks come into the restaurant late at night and cause trouble.  I thought it would be funny to teach them a lesson by serving them super-hot sauce.  Once I started working with very hot sauces I figured out a way to make sauce much hotter than anything on the market and Insanity Sauce was born.

Where did your love affair with heat come from?  I would say that my love affair is with food and its many complexities.  One of these aspects is spiciness.  For some dishes heat has the Jerry McGuire affect (you complete me). Chilies can lend another dimension to food and complex interesting eating experiences are my favorite.

What peppers do you think have the best flavor?  I like the fresh clean taste of Serrano peppers, but a little Ghost Pepper is definitely good to wake me up and make a meal more exciting.

How do you use peppers in dishes at home?   In order to avoid mutiny in my house I mostly eat spicy foods at work or at restaurants.  In those cases I will usually order foods where the heat is built in (Cajun, chili, certain Asian dishes, salsa, etc.).

What 3 hot sauces do you personally grab for the most?  Since we make 16 hot sauces, I certainly use my own the most (Hurtin Habanero Sauce, Ghost Pepper Sauce, Scotch Bonnet).  Outside of that, I certainly enjoy Sriracha and Sweet Chili Sauce.

My favorite pairing or dish with hot sauce is: 
We often make Asian Pork Lettuce Wraps at home with Ginger Peach Hot Sauce and that is definitely delicious.  It has a great combination of sweet, salty, fresh, meaty, etc.

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