Happy Boxing Day!

December 26th is traditionally known as “Boxing Day” in the U.K., a holiday the day after Christmas to manage all those boxes from holiday gifts.

With the Bay Meadows’ community embracing environmental sustainability and so many new folks moving into the neighborhood, we thought we’d focus on a different kind of box for Boxing Day: MOVING BOXES.

Several Bay Meadows residents have opted for a sturdy, green option to the typical cardboard moving box. One company offering an alternative in the Bay Area is ZippGo. Providing delivery of plastic moving boxes that are crush-free, water-proof and never need tape, ZippGo has delivered tens of thousands of its reusable boxes since 2009.

In addition to its green cred, some of the benefits that ZippGo boasts are:

  •  Conveniently Delivered To You
  •  Come Ready to be Packed
  •  Cheaper than Cardboard Boxes
  •  2X Storage Capacity of Cardboard
  •  Bottom Won’t Fall Out
  •  Crush Proof and Water Proof

Bay Meadows homeowner Arnout ter Schure shared his experience using ZippGo boxes when he and his family made the move last year:

"The only picture we have of us using the zipgo boxes is attached. Maybe not really what they're meant for, but they make great tables as well for when there's no furniture yet :-) That's another benefit! Try that with a carton box!"

“The only picture we have of us using the ZippGo boxes is attached. Maybe not really what they’re meant for, but they make great tables as well for when there’s no furniture yet :-) That’s another benefit! Try that with a carton box!”

“We wanted to use ZippGo as we didn’t want to buy a whole lot of new moving boxes that we’d use only once and then either had to store or put in the recycling. To us, it makes no sense to buy “1-time use” boxes. Also, the ZippGo boxes are much easier to pack and stack. They are very sturdy, and protect your belongings much better. And there’s no need to tape the bottoms, no need to fold each box or worry about the bottom literally falling out.

“We’ve never used these type of boxes before, but we loved them. Our movers loved them, too, since they are so easy to stack and transport (with a dolly). Another benefit is that they’re made out of plastic and when we moved it rained really hard. Carton boxes would get wet and soft.”

Bay Meadows homeowner Philippe also had a 5-star experience when using ZippGo for his moving: “Having moved a few times in the past one of the most annoying parts is packing everything into boxes. I either end up spending a lot of money on boxes or finding left over boxes from friends. This time I wanted the process to be easier. ZippGo offered a good selection of box sizes and all I had to do was throw stuff into the boxes. When it came time for the movers I hired to move, it was very fast and easy. They just had to load up the boxes and I didn’t have to worry about any boxes breaking since all the ZippGo boxes are sturdy and the same size (easy packing into the truck).”

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