“Bay Meadows is Convenient, New and Well Planned.”

This month we are sharing the love and featuring one of our top selling real estate agents at Bay Meadows. Meet Nick Delis. He’s sold 3 homes at Bay Meadows and regularly keeps in touch to stay on top of upcoming releases and inventory. Nick has been licensed for 21 years and has been actively selling real estate for 10 years. A Peninsula native for 39 years, you can count on Nick to be a knowledgeable resource for all things San Mateo. We asked Nick a few questions to give us insight on current market trends and why he loves selling the Bay Meadows Life. Here’s what he had to say:

What are some of the reasons you continue to bring clients to Bay Meadows?
It’s a pleasure to bring my clients to Bay Meadows because of the positive feedback I receive. My clients are overwhelmingly impressed with the breadth of home accommodations, the accessibility to recreation areas, the sense of community, and the convenient location.

Where are the majority of your clients moving from?
I have a variety of clients ranging from professionals that are relocating (internationally and domestically) to long-time locals who are looking to move within the Bay Area.

My clients select San Mateo because its location on the Peninsula affords many professionals the opportunity to entertain job opportunities from the South Bay to San Francisco without the detriment of a cumbersome commute.


What are clients most surprised to find when they tour our community?
Clients are most surprised that there is an oasis like Bay Meadows on the Peninsula where the housing within the community exceeds their expectations.

What are 3 features you love most about our community at Bay Meadows:
Living in Bay Meadows accommodates today’s lifestyle it’s convenient, new and well-planned.

What do your clients find most exciting about the prospect of living at Bay Meadows?
My clients are thrilled with the idea of a practical commute, a brand new home, and accessible recreation.

The amenity I’m most looking forward to seeing completed at Bay Meadows is:
The completion of Town Square.

3 things most clients want in a home these days: bright open floor plan, commute friendly location, sense of community
Favorite San Mateo restaurant, order the: Hotaru – sushi, teriyaki chicken
3 words I’d use to describe Bay Meadows: community, convenient, classy
Favorite design trend: Linear porcelain plank floors
3 reasons to love San Mateo: Great weather, diverse community, and thriving downtown

Conveniently located between San Francisco and Palo Alto in San Mateo, Bay Meadows offers new homes for sale and for rent within walking distance of Caltrain. Ease of transportation is only one of the many amazing aspects of Bay Meadows. Beautiful, new, clean homes sit among 18-acres of parks, a community garden, and within walking distance of Whole Foods, Chipotle, Crunch Fitness and more. Learn more about our ‘hood by following our Facebook page.