Looking Forward to Summer Harvests!

Are you dreaming of enormous summer harvests, but aren’t sure where to start and what to plant? Or maybe you just need a refresher and are looking for some new varieties of heat loving vegetables to grow? Either way, we’ve got the class for you! Join us at Persimmon Park on Saturday, May 2nd from 1-2PM for the next class in the DIG IT series: Summer Veggies!  Last month we learned about tomatoes, now we’ll talk about all of the rest of our favorite summer vegetables, including peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, zucchini, and more. We’ll discuss everything from spacing and growing in small containers to common pests and which varieties grow best in the Bay Area. The class is free and open to the public, so please feel free to bring friends, family, and lots of questions!

Pepper Harvest


If you’re a small space gardener, a trip to your local nursery can be overwhelming – how do you make your choices from the incredible amount of varieties that are available? When it comes to peppers, you should always choose what you like to eat. Do you like your peppers sweet, hot, or somewhere in between? And how do you like to prepare them – stuffed, sauteed, roasted, or picked straight from the garden as a quick and tasty snack? There’s a pepper out there for everyone, but here are a few of our favorites:

Chile de Arbol – the perfect hot pepper for salsas, soups, and sauces! What’s more, you can leave this variety in the ground untouched and unharvested until September or October when you simply cut the plant at its base, hang it to dry in your kitchen, and voila! You’ll have small hot red peppers to cook with for the entire winter.

Padron – a tried and true variety that’s called the “Spanish Roulette” of peppers. These small green fruit are known for their mild flavor, but every now and then you’ll eat one that packs a spicy punch! “Blistered” padron peppers is also one of the easiest and tastiest recipes you can make at the peak of the summer harvest. Check out this recipe adapted by Beard & Bonnet for inspiration!

Miniature Chocolate Bell – also known as “Yum Yum Chocolate,” parents love this variety as it wins over even the pickiest of young eaters. These tiny, perfectly shaped bell peppers are super sweet, the color of milk chocolate, and let’s be honest, just too cute to resist.

Pepper Plants

We hope to see you at Saturday’s DIG IT class! Although you may have friends and family who already have their tomatoes and peppers in the ground, it’s not too late to plant. Remember, too, that all the hard work you put into your garden now will pay off in abundant harvests come August and September. Happy gardening!