Meet Micah, Owner of Point Fetch Match

Tails will be wagging come June 4th… We’re thrilled to introduce you to Micah, owner at Point Fetch Match, who will be collaborating with us on the launch of our weekly event series – Twilight Tails. Residents and friends of Bay Meadows are invited to join us every Thursday from 5-6pm for our new dog-friendly community event, “Twilight Tails.” Kick back in our new lush park, Landing Green, while your pooch plays with the other dogs around town. During this social hour, we will serve tasty treats and water for your pooch and cool beverages for their parents. Looking for a local walker? Point Fetch Match will be on hand to provide tips and tricks every week. Learn more from Micah here:

Q: What led you to create Point Fetch Match?

Simply put, I wanted the entrepreneurial dream; full autonomy over my life. For over a decade, I worked hard and progressed in my various corporate positions, but always found myself never quite satisfied. While I am very appreciative of the opportunities I have had to learn and grow, nothing can match the creative freedom and flexibility of owning your own business. Point Fetch Match has been a dream made reality. It has allowed me to gain control over my life again and build a brand that I can be proud of. I get to have fun at work and do something I am genuinely interested it. After all, if you’re going to work everyday, you should do something you are passionate about and for me that is the doggies and the outdoors.

Q: What specifically makes your services stand out “among the pack”?

Point Fetch Match is not just your “neighborhood dog walker”. We specialize in safe, fun and positively reinforced On & Off Leash Adventure hikes in the San Francisco Peninsula. Now what’s an Adventure hike you ask? Rather than take your pup for a stroll around the block, we like to get out and hit the trails of our beautiful mountain hikes and serene coastal beaches where pups can really let loose. While running and romping in the hills and dunes sound like the best time ever, it is also important to us that our clients feel confident that their pup is in good hands. Our walkers are also fully licensed and professionally certified by the esteemed DogTec Dog Walking Academy along with being trained in Pet First and CPR.

Q: In your view, what makes Bay Meadows a dog-friendly place to live, work and play?

In a word, Bay Meadows cares. Doggies (and their human counterparts) need space to run & romp and Bay Meadows provides that. From their multiple neighborhood parks to their various recreational activities, it’s easy to find somewhere to go and something to do with your pup.

I also applaud, Bay Meadows attention to detail in the planning of this new community. They really make sure they have all their i’s dotted and their t’s crossed well before execution which is why, in my opinion, they find great success in anything they do. From their dog wash stations to their doggie-social events, everything has been thought through meticulously to make sure our four-legged companions are included, feel safe and have fun.

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Q: Name 3 of your favorite dog-friendly destination(s) in San Mateo or on the Peninsula:

Laurelwood Park / Sugar Loaf Mountain (San Mateo, CA)
Fort Funston (San Francisco, CA)
Water Dog Lake Park (Belmont, CA)

Q: The best part of my job is:

When I pick up the pups each day and see how excited they are to see me. You can’t help but to smile and get excited too. It makes me look forward to coming to work each day.

We are excited to introduce Bay Meadows’ newest revolving event – Twilight Tails – this spring!
Q: What are 3 reasons San Mateo and Peninsula dog-owners won’t want to miss the excitement:

  • Socialize your pup in a fun, safe environment with other doggies
    • Interaction with other pups can help dogs gain invaluable social skills that improve their ability to interpret and display proper social cues as well as improve their ability to play and interact with other dogs
  • Doggie-Parents can learn more about their pups, their play styles, and how to read doggie social cues to keep their pup safe and the fun going
  • A chance to network and meet your neighbors within the community

Lightning Round:

Favorite dog walk: San Francisco Bay Trail

Favorite dog hike: Fort Funston (San Francisco, CA)

Best dog-friendly beach in the Bay Area: Fort Funston (San Francisco, CA)

Best place to dine with your dog in the Bay Area: Half Moon Bay Brewery (Half Moon Bay, CA)

Favorite Dog App or Tech forward tool: Petoxins App from the ASPCA

The items in my “doggie bag” include: Pet First Aid Kit, extra poop bags, extra treats, drag leash, Swiss Army knife, lip balm, fingerless gloves (it gets cold), sun block, hot spot spray, tennis ball, business cards

If I were a tv or film dog, I’d be: Brian Griffin from the Family Guy

If I were a dog, the celebrity I’d most like to be my companion for life would be:  Ellen DeGeneres

Most unusual request I ever received from an owner:  Can you watch my kids? (little humans)

Join the Twilight Tails Facebook Event to keep up to date and invite friends.

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