Meet some of our resident gardeners

Most people think gardening is hard work!  Not when you live at Bay Meadows and you have a community garden.  Meet Soli and Alex, you can find them in Persimmon Park most weekend mornings tending to their garden plots.

Here’s what they had to say when we caught up.

Why did you chose to make Bay Meadows your home? 

We were living in Foster City before moving to Bay Meadows but had previously lived in San Francisco and have always loved the city lifestyle. After learning more about Bay Meadows and all that there is to offer steps from our front door, we felt that we could have a city experience right in San Mateo.

What is your favorite thing about living at Bay Meadows so far? 

We love being in such close proximity to restaurants, coffee shops and Whole Foods.  We love jumping on our Public Bike to grab a coffee.

Alex works in the city and I work in Los Gatos.  Bay Meadows is a central location for both of us.  Caltrain has made our lives so much easier.  We are just a quick walk away from the Hillsdale Caltrain station and can get anywhere in the city in less than an hour.  We are very grateful for not having to always drive our cars.

We feel that we didn’t just buy a townhome at Bay Meadows.  We joined a community and we especially love all the community events and meeting new people.  Just the other day one of our neighbors posted on our resident Google page, “Does anyone want Lemon Verbena? We have extra and would like to share!” Within an hour, she showed up at our doorstep with a bag for us.  We instantly started talking and sharing recipes.  I’m happy to say she is my newest friend.

Did you garden before moving to Bay Meadows?

My family had a little garden in Linking, Sweden and I had some experience with urban gardening while I was living there.  When I found out that Bay Meadows was going to have a community garden, I was over the moon.  Persimmon Park is such a calm and relaxing place.  We love seeing Mike (our resident gardener) — he is always introducing us to new herbs or teaching us about caring for our vegetables.

Fall Gardening

Do you have a favorite fruit or vegetable that you enjoy planting and why?

We love Persian cucumbers, tomatoes, lemon cucumbers and basil.  Our favorite salad to make at this time of year is tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella cheese.

 What is your favorite feature in the garden?

We really enjoy just spending our Saturday mornings in the garden meeting our neighbors.

Let’s welcome Soli and Alex to Bay Meadows and if you would like to introduce yourselves to them, you can find them at Persimmon Park most weekends.

Daisy + Carrots

Bay Meadows is a family-friendly neighborhood with lots of green space to enjoy all year long. Whether its growing your own vegetables in a gorgeous community garden with our resident gardener, playing a game of pick-up basketball after work, team building over bocce and beers, or checking out Dig it every first Saturday of the month. There’s no shortage of green space to explore.