San Mateo’s Sushi Yoshizumi Gets a Michelin Star

The Michelin Guide has released its 2016 stars for the San Francisco Bay Area, including one-star newcomer, Sushi Yoshizumi. We were able to congratulate Sushi Chef Akira Yoshizumi on his accomplishment and ask him a few questions about his exciting San Mateo restaurant.

We asked Chef Yoshi for a few tips to eat sushi properly…

Chef says, ‘Eat with your fingers, not chopsticks. Eat sushi right away, when Chef makes Nigiri for you and put it on your plate, eat it right away and then talk.’


Sushi Chef Akira Yoshizumi is fondly known as the sushi “geek”. His journey into the world of sushi has been a long one with lots of experience from Kyoto to San Francisco and New York to Tokyo. Eventually he met a true Edomae Sushi master-Takumi Okabe, with over 45 years of Edomae Sushi experience. Yoshi become an apprentice in the true Edomae spirit. While there, he learned that Edomae sushi requires great passion and a lot of patience to learn, and mastering it is only possible for the truly dedicated. One of the most important lessons Chef Akira Yoshizumi learned from his sushi master was to continually keep consistent quality in his restaurant and in life.

After returning to San Francisco and working as the Executive Sushi Chef at the award winning restaurant, he acquired a restaurant space in downtown San Mateo which opened about 6 months ago. Chef Yoshizumi is a strong believer in making sure the food he serves represents the waters he is surrounded by. Only the freshest and best ingredients, prepared with dedication, love, and passion find their way to your plate.

Chef Yoshizumi gets excited when he finds good fish and loves to make Nigiri! He lists a few of the most popular items ordered at the beautiful cypress sushi counter: Toro, Uni and Ikura Don (Uni and Ikura over rice), Ankimo (Monk Fish liver), and Octopus.

We asked Chef Yoshi to name a few American favorites that you will never see in Japan…

Chef says, ‘California roll or spider roll. We never see them in Japan. That is only in America.’

What’s the most important ingredient in a piece of sushi?

Chef says, ‘Rice (shari). My style is Edomae sushi style. Edomae sushi uses “akasu” (red vinegar) for rice. Some people saying it is too sour but that is the true sushi style. If the rice is not sour, that is not true Edomae sushi.’


Chef Yoshi likes the warm weather, easy parking, and cozy atmosphere that San Mateo offers. He has no plans to expand in other locations at this time and plans to stick with this restaurant for long time. Keep your eyes open, he is thinking of offering gift certificates in the near future.

Whether an Edomae novice or self-proclaimed sushi foodie, stop by for a relaxed dining experience at Sushi Yoshizumi and welcome our new neighbors! You can like Suhi Yoshizumi on Facebook, follow on Instagram, make your reservations, or learn more about hours and location here.

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