Good News for Caltrain Electrification

Did you hear the news? Caltrain’s Modernization project just received a boost. And that could mean faster, more efficient and more abundant trains soon on the horizon.

California’s High Speed Rail Authority recently announced that it will prioritize building the northern portion of the system. The shift not only lowers the overall costs of High Speed Rail, but it also provides for a more immediate portion of funds to go toward Caltrain’s electrification and modernization project.

“The updated business plan seems to be great news and is an encouraging sign that state funds already committed to constructing electrification will be available in time for Caltrain to award contracts and start work on the project without any delay to the modernization program,” said Caltrain.

Rendering of electrified Caltrain

Rendering of electrified Caltrain

The Caltrain Modernization Program involves the electrification of lines between San Jose and San Francisco as well as the addition of high-performance vehicles called the electric multiple units (EMUs). The signal system of the railroads will also be upgraded plus, an advanced Positive Train Control safety system will be implemented. Caltrain said that an electrified system will reduce its criteria pollutant emissions by as much as 97 percent.

Caltrain continues to work towards the goal of launching electrified service before the end of 2020. The increased ridership and improved performance from electrification are critical for Caltrain to sustain its services, to meet future demand and restore and improve service at current stations.

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