Caltrain Electrification Poised to Launch

All aboard a cleaner, faster Caltrain!

Big news this week: the Caltrain Board of Directors took a huge leap into the future by approving $1.25 billion in contracts to begin design and construction of the Caltrain electrification infrastructure, as well as the manufacturing of high-performance electric trains.

Why does this matter to Bay Meadows? With the Hillsdale Caltrain Station adjacent to our midurban village, residents and workers are only a short walk away from this easier way to get around.

Caltrain is a key commuter option for Bay Meadows, with 41% of residents riding daily. Caltrain serves one of the country’s most economically productive corridors linking San Francisco and San Jose through Silicon Valley.

The Peninsula Rail Corridor will benefit from CalMod in numerous ways, including:

  • $2.5 billion in economic benefits
  • Increase adjacent property values by $1B
  • Will mean 9,600 new jobs PLUS an easier way for workers to get to those jobs
  • Faster, safer and more environmentally sustainable travel

Dubbed, Caltrain Modernization, the project will double available capacity in response to increased ridership, serve stations more frequently, and reduce travel time. It will drastically reduce diesel noise, pollution, and daily traffic congestion on Highway 101 and local streets, and lay the groundwork for the future high speed rail service.

Officials hope to be 75 percent electric by late 2020. Learn more about Caltrain’s Modernization Program at


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