The Joint is Jumping!

Drama. Intrigue. Laughter. Wine. New Friends.

All of these were at play as Bay Meadows residents summoned the Halloween spirit for The Joint is Jumping!, a murder mystery party. Set in a 1920s speakeasy (even the location remained secret to guests until the eleventh hour!), over 20 neighbors participated, taking on roles such as Southside Sal – Mob Boss – and Kitty Cocktail, a cocktail waitress with a twist.

Thanks to everyone who participated, with special props to Linda, Bay Meadows’ active social organizer.  Landsdowne resident Naomi filled us in and was extra enthusiastic. “We don’t have kids, so this was a great opportunity to have an adult night of fun and to meet new neighbors.”

We wondered, with an evening nearly four hours long, filled with food and drink, did everyone stay in character? Naomi said, “The funny thing that happened was … you’re trying to really interrogate and find out who the murderer was, but then you end up being curious about this new person you’ve met and you drop character to get to know them.”


Naomi was “Flirty Flapper,” a woman “who desires power and will stop at nothing to get it,” according to the Gangster Gazette – that’s the one-sheet that Linda delivered to guests to acquaint them with their characters and the evening’s mystery.

As for Whodunnit? That would be the police chief, played by Linda’s husband Russ.

Halloween was on full display on several stoops of Bay Meadows homes, too. Below is a sample of the many dazzling decorations.




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