Design Your Own Japanese Hot Dog at San Mateo’s Takuya

Takuya is a new eatery serving up Japanese style hot dogs and bowls located at 205 East 4th Ave in San Mateo. The “Takuya” flavor combinations make perfect sense after you taste them.

“I love hot dogs,” owner Cyrus Takuya told Hoodline. “My skills are from Japan, so I found out this new concept to create hot dogs in Japanese styles.”

Imagine the aroma of daily baked bread made with fresh ingredients with your choice of the best handcrafted all-natural sausages. You can order from the Feature Menu with flavors combinations chosen for you or Design-Your-Own-Dog. Your flavor options are limitless with the options available to design your dog.

What are the steps to designing your own Japanese hot dog?
Step 1: Choose your BASE. Do you want it on a Bun or in a Bowl with rice or salad.

Step 2: Choose your MEAT. Most sausages are all natural, gluten free, no msg, made with chicken raised with no antibiotic, made with grass-fed beef. “Ringo”, chicken and apple sausage, “Hotto”, cajun sausage, “Kemuri” and “Supaishi” naturally smoked pork are just a few options. Each product is made with real fruits, vegetable, herbs and lively spices.

Step 3: Choose your SAUCE. You can choose 2-3 unique flavors including unagi sauce, Japanese kimchee, wasabi or spicy mayo, spicy mango and more.

Step 4: Choose your TOPPING. Go crazy and add as many as you want. Carrots, cucumbers, Kimchee, furikake, seaweed, sweet corn, red onion, cheese, pineapple and mince garlic are just a few.

image credits: Takuya

You like it hot? Try the Gyufire from the Feature Menu with Cajun sausage, garlic onion beef, spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce, cucumber, carrot, pineapple, furikake and seaweed. Pair with the Cajun Shake Fries made with Louisiana seasoning.

Don’t forget your Takuya Shake Fries coming in flavors like Aonori, Kosho, and Cheddar. For dessert, customers can choose between 2 piece Mochi, with your choice of macha, strawberry, mango or chocolate and Oishi Cream, a fried bun filled with black sesame, macha or vanilla ice cream.

Yelpers are raving about the new hot dog joint:

“I’ve tried it in both bun and bowl form, and both are good. The tofu topping is excellent, and there are tons of other sauce and topping options. Even with only the one vegan sausage option, I can vary my order every time!” – Ed M., Yelp

“Every bite was packed with flavor and it was simply delicious. I got the Kani hot dog and it was the right choice. The sausage itself was hot and fresh. Their customer service was fantastic. It was my first time coming and they were able to explain a lot about their menu and their own opinions. They definitely care about their customers and want them to experience this unique food the right way.” – Jackson G., Yelp

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