Experience the Bespoke Art Collection at Quimby and The Russell

Enter the lobby and your breath expands as you take in the earthy glass forms gracing the wall. Turn a corner and you’re enveloped by serene seascapes and images of fog. Or duck into the club room and your energy pulses with the view of surrounding abstract prints and edgy photography.

The bespoke art collections in Bay Meadows’ new apartment communities evoke such sensations. In keeping with the variety and palette of choices offered by these homes, the fine-art pieces throughout the common areas contribute to distinct experiences of place at Quimby and The Russell.

As with the exceptional architecture, amenities and interiors, the art program in our newest residences was thoughtfully conceived. Meet Danielle Fox, Principal with SLATE Art Consulting and the curator behind the stunning artwork in Quimby and The Russell.

With over twenty years of experience as an art historian (PhD, Northwestern University), writer, editor and independent curator, Danielle brings great knowledge of the impact that art has on humanity. We caught up with Danielle fresh off of the installation of the new artwork at Bay Meadows, an effort over two years in development.

Below: Mixed Media Artwork at The Russell;
Artist: Andrzej Michael Karwacki
Background artwork: Library photograph by Danae Falliers
Photographer: Lauren Edith Andersen

“Art plays an active role in disrupting habitual patterns of thought,” Danielle noted. “[It reminds] us to keep our eyes open, to stay awake, and to be present in the world, which ultimately makes us feel more alive.”

Danielle noted numerous considerations an art consultant takes into account: proportions of space and how that dictates the size of artworks; how lighting impacts the media and presentations; how bodies move through space and where human attention naturally falls.

“The project designers had already identified The Russell as more urban, with deeper saturated colors, and Quimby as more nature-based, with softer, more neutral colors,” Danielle said. She also noted that Chris Meany, of master developer Wilson Meany, has an abiding passion for photography, which influenced the large role that medium played in both projects.

Below: Glass Installation at Quimby;
Artist: Slate Stone Studios
Photographer: Lauren Edith Andersen

With Quimby, the “overarching goal was to create a space that felt soothing and relaxing … the visual equivalent of a deep breath.” The sea became an important motif, though it was balanced with other core elements, such as stone and wood.

Residents will live among work by contemporary Bay Area artists, including Thea Schrack and Tressa Pack whose works are inspired by the region’s dramatic coastal environments.

The Russell called for a completely different scope. With a “more moody, urban and very hip and cool” vibe, Danielle and her team looked to “mid-20th century black and white photography, identifying themes of film-noir, cinema, street photography, and abstract architectural photography.”

Danielle chose work by Bay Area photographer Richard Koci Hernandez. Known as Koci to over 260,000 followers on Instagram, the “low-fi” photographer captures city street scenes using an iPhone. Also represented in The Russell is Andrzej Michael Karwacki, an East Bay artist who exhibits throughout the country.

Other artists represented include Jeffrey Rothstein, Ricardo Mazal, Gary Mancus and Danae Falliers.

Stay tuned for a future blog diving into the details of each artist. Or, better yet, visit Bay Meadows today to tour the communities and see for yourself the striking collection that SLATE Art Consulting has created.

Below: Large format photography at Russell, Bay Meadows
Artist: Richard Koci Hernandez
Photographer: Lauren Edith Andersen

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