Karaage Burger Delivers Asian Fusion

In the mood for an Asian fusion burger? You’re in luck, Karaage Burger has recently landed at 670 East 3rd Avenue in San Mateo. Karaage is committed to providing customers with a uniquely flavorful experience, while maintaining consistency of exceptional service and exclusive taste.

“The unique cooking and preparation methods of Japan are the core inspiration behind the creation of Karaage Burger. While chicken and batter coexist in perfect harmony, we’ve adopted beef and pork into our concept to further expand your experience. With our mouth-watering bold flavors accompanied by our specially crafted “KB sauce”, eating our burgers is simply a no-brainer.” Karaage Burger

Menchi Deluxe image: Karaage Burger

The simple menu at Karaage consists of Signature Burgers with patty options of Karaage (deep fried chicken), Menchi Katsu (deep fried beef patty), Tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlet) and Bulgogi (Korean spicy pork). A few optional add-ons include an additional patty of your choice, bacon, egg and KB sauce. The selection of sides include Fries, Banzai Fries of your choice (Nori – seaweed seasoning, Bulgogi, green onions or KB sauce), Chicken Karaage pieces and Yuzu Slaw. You can wet your whistle with a hand-dipped milkshake!

Go all out and order the Megazilla with Karaage, Menchi Katsu, Tonkatsu AND Bulgogi plus bacon and fried egg. Pair your burger with some Banzai Fries and a hand-dipped Matcha (Green Tea) milkshake for a real treat!

“HMM WOW. This little place is like a hidden gem!” – Wing L.

“I have been missing this my whole life, and didn’t even know it! Can’t believe it’s taken this long for someone to take karaage and put it in a burger.” – Vivien L.

Green Tea Milkshake image: Karaage Burger

“Fried chicken on a bun with bacon and slaw? Add a side of crispy fries and a matcha milk shake? I’m sold!” – Judy C.

“Nice twist on combining Asian flavors and burger.” – Henry L.

You can follow their Asian fusion story on Facebook here. Karaage Burger is open daily from 11:30am-8:00pm.

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