Chris Makes Us All Go Nuts

When we caught up with Chris Viscount, visionary behind Utopian Kitchen‘s nut butters found at Farmers Market Bay Meadows, we asked. “What makes Utopian Kitchen Peanut Butter stand apart from the crowd?” I think the different flavor combinations set it apart from other nut butters.  I had seen chocolate peanut butter, and other flavored Almond butters (honey, maple, vanilla), but I wanted something unique, said Chris.

It’s true. The flavor combinations are one-of-a-kind and definitely elevate this weekly staple in most households! Go #nuts over his butters this Sunday at #FarmersMarketBayMeadows! With flavors like White Chocolate Pretzel, Cinnamon Raisin and the NEW Roasted Salted #AlmondButter, you’ll discover a favorite for everyone in your family! 4 favorite eats that could use Utopian Kitchen Nut Butter include apples, rice cakes, oatmeal, and smoothies. His personal favorite pairing? Chocolate Toffee Crunch + Banana.  Learn more about Chris and the personality behind the product in this fun Q/A:

The person you’d most like to eat a peanut butter sandwich with? Alton Brown!

3 items you’d find in my Farmers Market Bay Meadows shopping bag are: Triple Delight Blueberries (as available, when in season), Fishway Smoked Salmon, and Coffee Cake from Crispian Bakery!

What led you to the production of gourmet nut butters?
My passion for experimenting in the kitchen allows me to not only express my creativity but also to share it with friends and family.  I get a lot of satisfaction out of creating something that other people enjoy, so I’ve always loved to entertain with cooking.

Peanut Butter was (and still is) something I ate on a daily basis, and I was constantly searching for the “right” one.  One day I decided to make my own and started with honey roasted peanuts.  Soon I was adding different spices, mix-ins, and testing different combinations.

It can be hard to take an already existing amazing product, and make it better, but I liked the direction I was headed!  Soon I landed on four flavors that I was in love with, and decided to share them with the world, and thus Utopian Kitchen Peanut Butters was born.

Why do you think that peanut butter is so popular?

I’m told because it is so different, it has given folks an appreciation for a new spin on peanut butter.  It’s such a staple food too.  It’s one of those foods that most people had growing up and continue to eat it now. I also wanted to keep the versatility even with different flavors – it’s good in a sandwich, on fruit, in baked goods, in shakes, or just with a spoon.

We noticed a lot of health-related posts on your instagram account.  Can you share with us some of the health benefits from your delicious products?

It’s rich in healthy fats and is also a good source of protein and fiber.  A lot of customers are into health and fitness, and use peanut butter as an integral part of their nutrition.  It’s also good on a “macro-counting” level – as it incorporates good fats, protein, and carbs.

What size spoon is proper etiquette for scooping out your peanut butters for jar-to-mouth consumption?

I go with the large soup spoon, but in reality, any vessel that gets peanut butter out of the jar and into your mouth is best!

Share a bit about new offerings and what we might expect this year:
Utopian Kitchen just recently launched Almond Butter a few weeks ago, and the reviews are extremely positive.  I started out only doing peanut butters, but there was a high demand for Almond, so I ventured into a new nut.  It’s very traditional with just dry roasted almonds and salt, but has great flavor.  The Peanut Butter Sample pack also just expanded to include any flavor.  Before, it was just the 4 original flavors, but now you can choose any 4 of the 6.  They make a great gift around the holidays or special occasion, or if you just can’t decide it allows you to try a few different flavors.  I am always experimenting with different and new flavors, so there may be new additions to the family later this year.  And I am looking to expand into stores in 2018/2019 and hire a few folks to help out with operations and sales.

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