An Urban Lifestyle Suits These New Bay Meadows Residents

Marcia and Izzy Dawood have always made their homes in urban environments. Most recently living in Uptown Dallas, the couple also has lived in New York and Pittsburgh. With a recent job-change, the pair landed in the Bay Area for Izzy’s work.

The mid-urban environment at Bay Meadows was the right fit for Marcia and Izzy’s preferred lifestyle. Access to transit, retail and restaurant amenities, walkability and dense housing were familiar features for the two executives. “I have a lot of city-living habits. I take a rolling bag on wheels to nearby Whole Foods to shop for groceries.

“We probably use Caltrain a bit differently than other people. We’ll take the train to go to do dinner, for the evening out, in San Carlos or Burlingame. You don’t have to manage with the parking or traffic … in Manhattan, we were so used to taking the subway places.”

Town and West Park Bistro are among the local restaurants that Marcia recommends in San Carlos and Park & Howard Bistro in Burlingame.

In addition to Caltrain trips for dinners out, Marcia also belongs to a yoga studio in San Carlos, Yoga Health Center. She’s charmed by the nearby villages. “I have a bunch of friends here and they introduced me to the San Carlos and Burlingame areas. It’s easy to get to on Caltrain. There are cute blocks of shops and restaurants.”

Both Marcia and Izzy work in finance. Izzy is the CFO of a company headquartered in San Mateo. “Izzy rides his bike to work – the bike that Bay Meadows gave us as a welcome gift. He’s got a basket and a helmet. He’s gotten really into it.”

Marcia works in venture capital to help female entrepreneurs. As a leader at Mindshift Capital, she and her firm invest in women-led companies that are solving big problems with sophisticated solutions.

Her works means she regularly travels all over the globe. Three weeks at home without jumping on a plane is unusual for Marcia’s schedule. Now, during that down-time, she finds herself in the luxury of a single-family home in the midst of the Bay Meadows community.

While living in temporary housing in another nearby neighborhood, the couple often found themselves walking over to Bay Meadows and strolling through the three open models of the Victory collection from Shea Homes.

Marcia notes that the couple wasn’t necessarily looking for a large house, but they were impressed by features at Victory, including the home’s third level, the large garage, the spacious patio.

The pair moved into their new residence in early November. We look forward to seeing you around your new neighborhood, Izzy and Marcia! rates Bay Meadows high on the list for walkable locations to live on the San Francisco Peninsula and for good reason! Why? Because we are steps from shopping and entertainment (Hillsdale Center), groceries (Whole Foods), parks, a farmer’s market and an easy bike-ride from downtown San Mateo with its burgeoning restaurant scene. And Caltrain is no more than a five-minute walk from anywhere in the neighborhood. Learn all about connecting the dots for your many transportation options with Connect San Mateo.