From the Pooch Pit Stop to Twilight Tails, It’s All ‘For Sniffs And Giggles’

Must Love Dogs. At Bay Meadows we understand you lead busy lives and when you have downtime you want to make the most of it, whether it be with your four-legged pal in tow or finding the absolute best fits for your family and its canine care. That’s why we hone-in on lifestyle events to help you meet your match and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your best friend is in great hands.

Enter Angie at For Sniffs and Giggles... Thanks to Angie and team, you have a new, local San Mateo dog walking resource, plus some free hands on Sundays at Farmers Market Bay Meadows, where her team will be volunteering their time at The Pooch Pit Stop! Since dogs are not allowed inside the market, The Pooch Pit Stop is a place we’ve created so you can walk your dog to the market and leave them in a shady spot with water and toys, professional eyes and some extra love while you greet the growers and shop for fresh finds between 9:30am to 1:30pm every Sunday through October 27, 2019. You can also meet Angie and team at Twilight Tails First Thursdays, a specialty vendor fair + romp in the park for our tail wagging friends May 2 through October, 2019 at Landing Green Park, Bay Meadows.

PC: For Sniffs and Giggles


The three words Angie says come to mind when thinking of dogs are: bliss, rewarding and awe-inspiring. If she were a dog herself, she says she’d be a Golden Retriever. Goofy, loyal, with a heart of gold. If you are looking for a new San Mateo County dog walk location, try Stulsaft Park in Redwood City for a great off-leash spot. It’s a favorite spot for Angie. She recommends holiday and custom decorated cookies from Gerbeaux Bakery on Etsy and swears by Mendota leashes!

First off, we love the name, For Sniffs And Giggles.  Is there a back story to it?

Thank you! I always say that coming up with a name was the hardest part of setting up a business! I’m a big fan of puns, so naming my business I felt like that was a must. I was at the dog park with one of my dogs and someone had asked if my lab (who you can usually find glued to my hip, looking to me for treats!) plays with other dogs and I said “oh she’s just here for S*&!TS and giggles” and I felt this light bulb go off in my head when the words left my lips.

What inspired you to get into the dog walking business and what sets your service apart?

It sounds so cliche but I’ve always loved dogs and have wanted to work with them in some capacity. When I graduated college I hit the stereotypical “okay well now what?” thought, and impulsively applied for a job at a doggie daycare. I remember so vividly thinking to myself, “I would LOVE to play with dogs all day!” and boy, did that job show me that it truly isn’t the only thing you do there! Doggie daycare is great for a lot of dogs, but I started paying attention to the dogs that weren’t necessarily enjoying themselves–at least for the whole day–and I wanted to figure out a way to have them benefit from a service like that, just without the whole 8am-6pm day that daycare provides. My services are what daycare provides (physical stimulation, mental stimulation, socialization, human interaction, etc) but for small blocks of time for those dogs that want all the benefits without the exhaustion at the end of the day.

We asked Angie about her favorite high-profile pups, “I’m big into dog training with my own dogs and really love Hannah Brannigan’s podcast: Drinking From The Toilet. And…obviously @dougthepug!

PC: For Sniffs and Giggles


We noticed that you are now accepting clients in the San Mateo area.  What made you decide to include San Mateo in your service area?

Yes, we have expanded! And not only have we expanded but we are adding a new service, solo walks with enrichment added on to every visit. I personally live in San Mateo and have wanted to add services that provide some more mental stimulation for those that are in apartments and have loved how dog-friendly Bay Meadows is. We start out with getting to know the dog (8 weeks is the youngest we start with and they’re just starting out on visits before walks begin) and the owner’s schedule to make sure we have a good window of time set up to get the dog out to potty, etc. We set up a meet and greet, where we get to know the owner and pup on a more personal level to let them know that we are real people with real love for our job and from there we go over more of the dog’s routine and the best ways to ensure the pup (and owner!) are comfortable with us coming into their home to care for their family member.

What are your clients most surprised to learn re: your services?

We really mean it when we say we go above and beyond to personalize the pup’s care and that we treat each dog like a member of our family. Tailoring to a dog’s mental/physical needs is everything in our business. If we notice a dog is getting some good physical stimulation from our walk but notice when we get back they want to zoom around, then we add a mental stimulation activity (like a snuffle mat or kong or basic training) to make sure their needs are met.

How does Bay Meadows rank as far as local, dog-friendly environments?

What don’t I love about this neighborhood?! I am living the millennial dream every time I visit the area, whether it be taking my own dogs to Fieldwork to grab a beer or head over to Seal Point to walk the Bay Trail with the dogs after a romp at Seal Point with my Blue Bottle coffee in hand.


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