An Enzo Inspired Etsy Shop: Paws and Arrows

Born and raised in San Mateo, Tracy Borghello has been a Bay Meadows community member for 5 years now. You may recognize her and her husband from jaunts to the park with Enzo, the handsome Golden Retriever (famous for his Halloween costumes and super stylish wardrobe) or from her insta handle @tripawdcuties, where she features the story of Enzo and Phoebe the beautiful black cat. “

Enter Paws & Arrows a new Etsy brand of pet fashion-wear brought to you by Tracy! The Summer/Fall launch line which you can find in the Etsy shop right now also sells human masks (cotton /non-medical grade) and scrunchies that coordinate with the floral bandanas, so you can “Twin” with your pet.

With an innate passion for pet-fashion, a dream of an Etsy shop, some unconditional love and a nudge from the hurdles and humps we call “life”, Tracy woke up one day and overcame her fear of failure.

“My husband and family members all started telling me to start making bandanas and selling them. I absolutely loved that idea but didn’t really believe in myself…I kept brushing it off because of self-doubt. But one morning, I woke up and it just hit me like a ton of bricks! I thought to myself, ‘Why do I keep doubting myself? I just need to do this. If there was any time in the world to start an Etsy shop, why not do it now?’ So I started gathering my thoughts and using my creativity. I kept a notebook around me at all times so when an idea popped into my head, I had a place to write it down! Doing nightly meditations with gemstones enhanced my ideas, creativity and my focus.”

Behind The Brand
The name begins with a very literal adoration of paws, especially Enzo’s “Grinch” paws combined with the arrow – symbolizing nature and strength with a boho vibe. “When Enzo’s fur on his Paws grows out, they look like the Grinch. This always made me smile and laugh. I was jotting down ideas for names for my business, I just happened to look down and see Enzo’s Grinch Paws!”

Focused on high-quality, durability and function that is also stylish, unique and beautiful each product is all hand-made by Tracy herself, so when you purchase you are directly supporting her family.

Made with two layers of fabric that are sewn together and a double snap closure, the bandana is easier to put on and less bulky than others in the marketplace. The backing in each bandana is made with a thick durable canvas to help maintain shape and durability. Each bandana comes with a vegan leather tag that Tracy personally designed in the shape of an arrowhead to represent her logo. Each bandana is held together with antique solid brass rivets. The double snap closure is also made with antique solid brass.

“I chose this hardware because it can withstand water. Since Enzo is a golden and loves to swim, it was a no brainer to have something that he could wear without worrying about how it would hold up in the water. This is also why I chose a vegan leather over a leather tag. The fabric used in this launch is a hand-woven Guatemalan fabric from Guatemala. There are tons of beautiful colors and Ikat patterns that really complement any pup! “

Top Sellers include black/cream Ikat bandana and brown/tan Ikat bandana, made with Guatemalan fabric! Cotton floral scrunchies are also a top pick!

For sneak peek of new fabric colors, products and seasonal releases, follow along on the Insta account @pawsandarrows or catch her brand on Facebook, and Pinterest!

Neighbor @bmocorgi wears the cotton floral bandana from Paws and Arrows!

Community Supporting Community

Be sure to be on the look-out for Enzo, who may just preview a style or two around the neighborhood.  The pet-friendly community at Bay Meadows has been an amazing support. “I love how dog-friendly (Bay Meadows) is. Enzo has made some great doggy friends and we have also met some amazing new human friends, I thank Enzo in large part for that!”

“If I have learned anything in this past year. It is to not take anything in life for granted, you are stronger and more resilient than you think, stay positive, and believe in yourself! Oh, and getting pushed out of your comfort zone can be scary, but it’s needed in order for us to grow! I can’t thank my husband and family enough for pushing me out of my comfort zone and believing in me, when I didn’t believe in myself! I hope I can inspire others to step out of their comfort zone, do what makes you happy and reach for the stars!”

This blog is dedicated to Callie the kitty – number three in the ‘TRI’of the trio crossed over the rainbow bridge and is cheering on this fun family from beyond.


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