An Exciting Time For Water Transit in San Mateo County

These are exciting times to live in San Mateo County with new water transit options not far that will make Bay Meadows residents more connected than ever. The San Francisco Bay Ferry offers a convenient and relaxing water transit service in nearby South San Francisco and word is that service is ramping up to launch in Redwood City too.  Hop aboard the ferry and enjoy a picturesque trip on the water as you connect to other destinations along the San Francisco Bay.

Currently, you can catch the ferry at South San Francisco’s Terminal, located at 911 Marina Blvd, approximately 14 miles or 20 minutes from Bay Meadows neighborhood. This ferry terminal provides weekday-only, commuter service between Oakland’s Jack London Square or Alameda Main Street terminals in the East Bay and South San Francisco’s Oyster Point Marina terminal.

Image credit: San Francisco Bay Ferry on Instagram

Water Transit in Redwood City by 2024? As early as 3 years away!

The Water Emergency Transportation Authority, is the transit agency responsible for ferry service. A recent article in The Daily Journal covered the potential future transit option.

WETA is currently working with Redwood City and the Redwood City Board of Port Commissioners on a possible site and ferry service within the port at the eastern end of Seaport Boulevard. The proposed ferry service would connect Redwood City to San Francisco and/or Oakland. A feasibility study accepted by the Redwood City Council found ferry service is feasible based on ridership demand, infrastructure requirements, financial capability and public benefit.

Another article, the prospect of a Redwood City ferry service seems positive at this point: “Assuming funding for each step in the process and best-case delivery times, ferry service could start as early as 2024,” city staff said.

Get on-board with the nearby water transit options;  it’s a great way to get around the region when you live at Bay Meadows in San Mateo.


An ideally located community, Bay Meadows is only 10 minutes from Palo Alto, 20 minutes from San Francisco, and has 3 airports (SFO, OAK, SJC) within 30 miles. Bay Meadows is also located on Caltrain, which makes travel and commutes that much easier. Talk about convenient! Bay Meadows is the centralized place to reduce commutes, meet friends and play.  Looking for ideas of where to ride? Check out our bike map here.