Getting Around: 28th Avenue re-opened and now 25th Avenue is Back!

On August 2, 2021, the improved E. 25th Avenue, between Palm Court and S. Delaware Street, re-opened making it much easier to get from here to there! The east-west road — once an at-grade intersection — is now separated from the rail tracks providing a safer crossing for all modes of travel. Now, vehicles traveling along that stretch of road will no longer cross over the Caltrain tracks, but rather underneath them.

The 25th Avenue Grade Separation creates new east-west street connections at 28th and 31st avenues making our life more convenient at Bay Meadows. This returned connectivity in San Mateo greatly improves the ability for our emergency vehicles to arrive quicker, and our traffic to flow easier. Early this year, the new E. 28th Avenue between El Camino Real and S. Delaware opened for all multi-modal east-west traffic. And in just a few weeks, the newest east-west connection, E. 31st Avenue between El Camino Real and S. Delaware Street, will also open to traffic.

These mark major milestones for the $205.9 Million effort as it nears completion following three years of active construction, and comprised of funding from the San Mateo County Transportation Authority, California High Speed Rail Authority, California State Department of Transportation (Caltrans), and the City of San Mateo. The project will raise the train tracks, and slightly lower the road (grade separate), at E. 25th Avenue, and will create new east-west street connections at 28th and 31st avenues. As part of the project’s overall improvements, Caltrain has rebuilt a new elevated Hillsdale Station with updated amenities.

On April 26, the new Hillsdale Station opened off the new section of E. 28th Avenue, “making it easier for residents and visitors to access Bay Meadows, Hillsdale Shopping Center and more of what makes San Mateo a great place to live and work,” according to the city.

Want to know more? Visit for the project history including time-lapses of each rail bridge installation: E. 25th Avenue in July 2019, 28th Avenue in September 2019 and 31st Avenue in October 2019.


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