Enjoy the Ride with Hillsdale Neighbor, CycleBar San Mateo

Gear up and go with a variety of indoor cycling workout classes for all fitness levels at CycleBar® San Mateo. The temporary studio is open in Nordstrom Court next to California Pizza Kitchen with the permanent location at 56 31st Avenue near The Refuge opening on September 29th. CycleBar is more than a ride. It’s a journey of self-discovery. With indoor cycling rides designed for all fitness levels, they promise to empower, inspire, and elevate you throughout every day. All you have to do is show up, clip in, and ride. Meet Jen (pictured). Jen is the owner of CycleBar San Mateo! She also went through CycleBar’s 5 week bootcamp to be an instructor at the studio as well so you definitely will be seeing her around! She’s a mother, business owner and breast cancer survivor. She has a huge passion for fitness and has put so much hard work into opening CycleBar San Mateo.

“You don’t need to be the best in the room. You just need to bring your best self.” – Lolo, Senior Master Instructor

The CycleBar Experience: The instructors are equal parts educator, coach, DJ, motivator, and a friend; CycleBar instructors will help you improve your performance, reach your goals, and change your life one ride at a time. They got the beats + stats. CycleBeats is a proprietary playlist database bringing pedal-turning, heart-pumping, mood-elevating fun every single time you ride. CycleStats measures the six key metrics of your daily and historical performance and emails you the result after each ride to help track towards your fitness goal.

Get Started: Fuel up with plenty of water and a light snack. Sign in before your ride, arrive early to take a tour and meet your instructor, slip on your shoes and adjust your bike. Follow your instructor’s lead and let the music carry you through the ride. After your ride you’ll receive an email with your performance stats and of course, the playlist to keep you rocking your day.

You may be asking yourself, ‘Do I need my own indoor cycling shoes?’ They provide you with a complimentary pair of cycling shoes for every class. If you prefer to bring your own, check with your local studio to ensure the cleats on your shoes are compatible with our pedals.

Classes: No matter where you are in your fitness journey, they have a ride for you.

Classic. This ride has something for everyone with a rocking mix of strength, endurance, challenges, hills, and drills.

Performance. Up your game with a ride that motivates you with CycleStats technology, group challenges, and rider competitions.

Connect. Need to unplug? We transform the studio into a sanctuary by turning off the monitors and tuning into the beats.

Empower. Empower yourself. Tap into your strength, your power and your mindset during this athletic ride.

Xpress. This interval packed, rhythm-based ride keeps you working hard for 30 straight minutes (including cool down).

Foundation. This rhythm-based ride is suitable for all levels concentrating on the foundations of indoor cycling. Most start with the Foundation ride. Regardless of which ride you choose, you can modify a CycleBar ride to your own fitness level.

Whether you are an indoor cycling pro or entirely new to the experience, CycleBar offers energizing rides tailored to all fitness levels. CycleBar will inspire, motivate and invigorate you so that you can face your day.

For memberships and packages please contact the San Mateo studio at +1 (650) 488-4084 or sanmateo@cyclebar.com.


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