Home is Where the Heart is

Meet Jason & Marcella, who purchased at Landsdowne by Shea Homes Northern California in September, 2013.  These two are as lucky in love as they were at the Bay Meadows lottery – they literally locked their loan with Shea on 7/12/13 and tied the knot on 7/13/13! We caught up with the newlyweds to get their take on nesting at Bay Meadows.

3 words you’d use to describe Bay Meadows: Emerging. Exciting. Promising.

San Mateo? Central. Desirable. Home.

The moment we “knew” it was home:  When our name got picked at the lottery! We knew we were interested in the project, and when our number was called, we knew we had to take advantage of the opportunity.

3 features we “love” most about our new home are:  It is brand new and doesn’t require any major work, it’s ours and it’s very cozy.

They say marriage is about communication and compromise, as Newlyweds did you negotiate space, claim stake to a room or negotiate home décor yet?   It was a one sided negotiation. Jason gets 20% of the closet space. We both compromise on decor (although we are way behind!) and we are both attracted to Earth tones. Marcella was most excited about decorating the bathrooms, while Jason was focused on the living area. Today, the bathrooms are decorated; but the living area has had little progress.

What are 3 reasons you chose to make Bay Meadows your home?  Bay Meadows is close to both of our families, plus it is centrally located for the Bay Area with access to freeways and SFO and Caltrain. Special builder financing helped us maximize our buying potential.

Favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon together:  Going for a walk or riding bikes around the neighborhood and parks.  We love to see how all of the new buildings and projects have grown since the last weekend!

Most romantic restaurant in San Mateo: Paul Martin’s is not “romantic” per se, but it has a fun atmosphere.
Best place to take a date: Half Moon Bay when the sun is out.
Favorite place to satisfy a sweet tooth: YUMMY YOGURT!!!
Her room:  The Master Bath.
His room: The Kitchen (because I can still see the TV!)
Our go to for take-out for two: Amici’s. Order the New York pizza thin crust with antipasto salad with creamy Italian dressing.

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