San Mateo Dishcrawl: Meet Tracy Lee, Founder

We are fortunate to live in a time where a great idea paired with technology, passion and drive can make your dreams come true.  Let your inspiration be Tracy Lee, CEO and Founder of Dishcrawl.

Introducing Dishcrawl, a new way to discover your food neighborhood! Let’s face it…food is a big part of our lives and local amenities can often give reason to select a particular lifestyle or location over another. Dishcrawl is a social event for foodies, allowing you to get to know friends and meet new neighbors by adventuring through restaurants, sampling specialty street cuisine, meeting foodie artisans, and discovering tastes you never knew existed. Each crawl is a uniquely different pairing. It’s delicious and fun.

We caught up with Tracy and team and they shared some local San Mateo tips with us:

If I could cast a vote for ‘Top Chef’ in San Mateo it would be for the chefs of Attic Restaurant. They’ve taken Filipino food to the next level.”   Below, Tracy shares her 5 favorite foodie spots in San Mateo and what is a ‘must try’ on the menu of each:

1. Ramen Dojo | spicy garlic pork ramen (with extra quail eggs)

2. Curry Up Now | chicken tikka masala burrito

3. Attic Restaurant | Garlic noodles, adobo chicken wings, sizzling sisig

4. B Street & Vine | The millions of assorted bruschetta they have

5. Pancho Villa Taqueria | Al pastor tacos

What is something people may not know about the San Mateo foodie scene?
San Mateo has some of the best ethnic food in the Bay Area.  Its downtown scene is so thriving with great things to eat.  You could eat there forever and not get bored!

What’s new with you?
We have devoted this year to raising $1m for non profits!  Any non profit can use events as a platform to fundraise!  $10 goes back to the charity per ticket purchased.

Behind the South Bay/Peninsula Team:
Meet Kirby Ptacek, Dishcrawl Brand Manager, her secret foodie obsession is French Onion Soup.

“My favorite part of working with dishcrawl is the when I see so many people from various walks of life connected over the same interest.”

So Kirby, what’s ‘Coming Soon’ under the Dishcrawl Brand near us?
Neighborfood events are sprouting up. This is an afternoon discovering the delicious eats at 6 different neighborhood restaurants. Watch for event listings on the Peninsula and be sure to visit  and watch for upcoming foodie events near you.

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