Meet Chef Alicia Petrakis at THREE

Owned by Chef Alicia Petrakis and Eleni Lolas, the same pair that ran Astaria at the same address for the past decade, THREE serves up sustainable, savory fare for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch – you’ll find something for everyone here. A communal area, craft cocktails, rooftop garden, and a “living wall” are all part of the restaurant’s evolution in San Mateo. We recently caught up with the ever-busy and super talented Alicia Petrakis to find out more about one of San Mateo’s newest dining destinations, THREE. Cozy up for a quick chat with Alicia, here:

What’s behind the name THREE?  It is our third evolution in our space at 50 e third avenue.

We love an urban community garden. One of the fun features at THREE is your rooftop garden/living wall. Can you share what’s been planted and how you use it?
We have some amazing veggies growing in our garden. 8-10 different lettuces, heirloom tomatoes, 3 different types of pickling cucumbers, fennel, 3 types of zucchini, baby broccoli, baby chard, delicato watermelon and an heirloom cantaloupe, so far we have a rooftop salad, arugula pesto on fresh spaghetti, and fresh side of vegetables.  We are also growing fresh herbs.

What are the most popular items on the menu?
Our maple chipotle bacon bitz from a braised pork belly slab, coffee-chili rubbed NY with herb salad and chimichurri sauce and the lamburger with mint salsa verde and pickled onions.

Outside of THREE, what 3 San Mateo restaurants satisfy your cravings?
Ni Mo Sushi, Curry up Now and Pancho Villa.

If you could participate in Iron Chef against any other Chef, who would it be and why?
Wow. That is tough.   I would probably do a throw down with Bobby Flay ‘cause he’s really talented but has a lot of fun with food.  I adore Tom Collochio, but he is fierce.

Brunch or Dinner?  Dinner. Well seasoned medi-rare NY – side of crispy fries.

Beer or Booze?  Hot day beer.  Nothing better.   So many flavors and dimensions!

Bacon Jam or Chipotle Fondue?  Bacon jam.  Soooo yummy!

My guilt pleasure is:  A really good sandwich on a fresh roll with the works!

3 words to describe San Mateo:  Live. Work. Shop.

Insider tip: THREE is one of the only spots in town where you don’t have to choose between breakfast and cocktails – bottomless mimosas for $16!

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image credit: THREE Facebook page