2014 Tech Trends

Last year the tech industry experts at Mashable made some bold predictions for 2013, such as the rise of the first-ever flexible smart phone, smart power strips and second screen revolution. This year the experts share 7 Huge Tech Trends to Expect in 2014, but the most important things you should know are:

1. By next Christmas, 4K TVs and the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in 4K will grace quite a few holiday wish lists.

2. We will see an explosion of new Smart Home Technology, following the lead of Nest, the smart home thermostat and smoke detector device company, home security camera manufacturers like DropCam and Lockitron, the company that makes it possible to lock doors via a smartphone.

Revisit 2013 Tech Trends:

Second Screen Revolution – Multi-taskers, rejoice! In 2013, brands, media companies, and marketers are going to get more aggressive when it comes to second-screen interaction. Companies like Shazam, the mobile phone based music identification service, will continue to connect big screen-consumption with small-screen activities. Stats show at least 80% of smart phone and tablet owners use their devices while watching T.V. In other words, experts at Mashable say, “The Second Screen Revolution has arrived.”

Flexible Devices – In recent years, tech companies have been on a quest to launch the thinnest screen. But at this point, how much thinner can television, computer, and cell phone screens really get? Mashable says we’re moving past the thin screen and onto flexible technology. Experts say this is the year we can expect to see a bendable mobile phone and possibly even the first flexible HDTV. The race is on between Apple, Google, Samsung, and HTC to release the first flexible device. Game on!

Smart Power Strips – For the techies who are also environmentally conscious, you can now conserve energy while managing all of your tech devices and gadgets! Smart strips will cut off power to devices when they’re either shut off or in stand-by mode. With the availability of control, auto-off, and constant outlets, you can plug in your T.V., Blu-ray player, and internet router accordingly. Did you know that stand-by power can make up about 10% of your electricity consumption? By using a smart power strip, you can save energy and up to $150.00 on your annual electric bills.

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Image credit: Nest Protect Smoke Detector