Meet Faith Marie Lopez, 1 of the Top 10 IGers on Instagram

Do you share our love for mobile photography? Meet Faith Marie Lopez or better known as @faithmari. She brings an integrated creative aspect to mobile photography and Social Media as well as being a trained Classical pianist. Faith is our featured partner for our March Rubbing Elbows event, a specialty lifestyle event handcrafted for our Bay Meadows homeowners and their guests.

Faith has traveled the world with her music aspirations and as a result began documenting the places she visited. This spawned a creative avenue for her to explore photography while also performing in Europe and various other countries. By 2010, Faith had developed a vast photo collection and when Instagram was released to the market she was able to start sharing these adventures with the world. This past summer Faith took on an epic journey and decided to live in Europe for three months, here she started making connections and networking with the Instagram world all while sharing her adventures on Instagram. Just recently she was featured in Conde Nast as one of the Top Ten Instagramers on Instagram as well as being interviewed and a featured artist on and various other awards and recognitions.

Faith graciously shares some insights into the mobile photography world with us:

3 Must-Have apps for mobile photography:
The three must have apps for mobile photography are definitely ‘VSCO’, ‘Snapseed’, and ‘SquareReady’ if you don’t shoot in square mode on your mobile device.

Have you used different lens attachments with your mobile photography?  If yes, which ones do you recommend?
I have tried to use different attachments on my iPhone but I’ve found that sometimes it’s easier to shoot in real time with no attachments. If I do happen to use an extra device, I tend to lean towards the Ollo clip and I also tend to use it as a prop in my photos for a different and more unique perspective.

How does your training as a classic pianist translated into your artistic “eye” for photography?
As a classical pianist I have to rely on creativity to express the music I play. And much like photography I have to extend my creative nature into photography whether I’m taking a photo or selecting photos to post for the accounts I run. Being an artist or having a creative eye can translate into anything that I put effort into, I don’t limit my creativity to just music.

3 bits of wisdom for those just starting to share their visual journey on instagram:
If you’re looking to step outside of the box and start sharing your photos with the world the most important things I can advise anyone to do is to have these three things:
Quality. Consistency. Relevancy.
These three things are what I use to be as successful as possible in everything Instagram.

Describe your perfect photowalk date:
A perfect photo walk for me would include getting somewhere high up, maybe even a helicopter or very high building, a hot air balloon or adventuring in a unique car, train or bike. I’m always looking for the most unique aspects of everything around me and I try not to limit my possibilities. I’m always taking a risk!

Share your mobile photography with us and WIN
As we develop community, we want to see how you live or play at Bay Meadows. Share your fun lifestyle photos with our community by using #baymeadowslife. You could WIN $50 or our Grand Prize of $500 at the end of 2014 and be featured in a live pop-up gallery exhibit event.

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