Green Living Makes Good Sense

Sustainability. Green building. Environmental well-being. These are terms we hear often these days and after a while, you might wonder exactly what it all means.

Bay Meadows’ commitment to environmental sustainability is embedded in nearly everything we do throughout the life of this project. With April being Earth Month, we’d like to fill you in on some of our values and strategies about green living.

What is “sustainability”? There are numerous definitions floating around out there. Some of the more compelling explanations we’ve seen include the following:

  1. From the World Commission on Environment and Development: “Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
  2. Sustainable Seattle sees it as “the long-term, cultural, economic and environmental health and vitality of a community together with the importance of linking our social, financial and environmental well-being.”
  3. The World Business Council on Sustainable Development defined it this way: “Sustainable development involves the simultaneous pursuit of economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity.”


A core element of the Bay Meadows vision is to minimize reliance on automobiles, which are the single greatest contributors to greenhouse gases. With Caltrain conveniently adjacent to our village, residents and workers have easy access to public transit.

Our streets and public spaces are designed with walkability and bikability at top of mind.  We’ve got 18 acres of parks at Bay Meadows – encouraging an active, healthful and engaged lifestyle.

In addition, Bay Meadows’ state-of-the-art construction and design are as energy-efficient as possible – minimizing fossil-fuel consumption, recycling concrete and asphalt, replanting trees, employing advanced storm-water systems and using sustainable materials.

We welcome you to visit our urban village and see how Bay Meadows is creating a high quality lifestyle with low-impact on the environment. Green living makes good sense.



Fame x Frame Photo Contest
As we develop community, we want to see how you live or play at Bay Meadows. Share your fun lifestyle photos with our community by using #baymeadowslife. You could WIN $50 or our Grand Prize of $500 at the end of 2014 and be featured in a live pop-up gallery exhibit event.

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