From Bike Ride to “Buy” Ride

Arnout and Hana Ter Schure are casual bicyclists who view two-wheel transport not as an athletic pursuit, but as a way to get around, to explore different neighborhoods and to relax. “We don’t need a whole Indiana Jones outfit to go for a bike ride,” Arnout commented.

So it was on one of their meandering, casual bike rides that the Dutch couple thought they’d zip by Bay Meadows and see how the community was progressing. Having lived in Laurie Meadows Park, the couple had been familiar with Bay Meadows for a long time. “A while back, we had gone to one of the first presentations there before anything was built, just to learn about the project.”

Arnout and Hana were not in the market to purchase a home. Sure, they had looked at a couple of houses, but nothing wowed them and they were in no hurry to buy. Plus, the couple was dismayed at how small some of the single-family homes they had looked at seemed.

Hana noted, “The houses we looked at elsewhere had very low ceilings. We’d think, ‘This house is probably for a very tiny family.’” With Arnout’s 6’4” frame and Hana’s 5’8” height, plus two growing kids, ages 10 and 7, the Ter Schures needed to hold out for a home with a spacious layout.

Back to that fateful bike ride. Arnout recalled, “We got there last September and they had the models all ready. We thought we’d take a look and, a week later, we were buying a home at Landsdowne. After Bay Meadows, we thought we should look at one or two more houses to compare, but Bay Meadows just blew us away.”

There were so many boxes that Bay Meadows homes checked off for the Ter Schures that buying was irresistible: the new construction, the opportunity to maintain a garden without having to maintain a whole yard, the attractive pricing and the central location. With Arnout’s job in Palo Alto and Hana’s work taking her to San Francisco often, Bay Meadows was in the sweet spot.

The Ter Schures feel fortunate, as they arrived in time to participate in a sales release at Landsdowne. Arnout said, “If we didn’t go for that bike ride that day and didn’t go back through Bay Meadows, we probably wouldn’t be in our home today.”

Where do your casual bike rides take you? Show off your best bike pose.
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