Sugar & Spun, A New Spin on Cotton Candy

Sugar & Spun uses all natural, all organic, and raw ingredients and combines dried toppings and powders for unique fruity and savory cotton candy flavors. Kids at heart, Sugar & Spun hope to provide an unconventional, nostalgic, and fun experience for adults and children alike.

How Sugar & Spun was born:
Jason had the idea after watching Shrek about 12 years ago.  Fiona and Shrek were walking through the field and she grabs a stick and twirls cobwebs with bugs into a cotton candy for Shrek. (Justin): The scene that stuck to him was when Shrek was eating spun cobwebs (cotton candy) around a stick filled with spiders, flies and other insects (fruits, dry toppings).  At that moment Jason questioned why doesn’t cotton candy have extra ingredients?  The idea stuck with him and last year he approached Nate and Justin to see if they’d be willing to help launch this new venture and reinvent the way we think about cotton candy.

Before Sugar & Spun:
Jason founded Frozen Kuhsterd and is currently running it as the majority partner. Nate’s still currently full-time at Twitter under the Business and Platform Policy team–totally different from the work he does with Sugar & Spun (cooking, design, etc). {I’m pretty sure that Justin was a super-hero.}


How do you come up with new flavors?
We take inspiration from different restaurants, the food we eat, childhood memories and from different cultures.  Li Hing Pineapple was actually inspired after returning from a vacation (Nate) had in Hawaii. Everyday we’re constantly throwing great ideas at each other and it’s always exciting to test them out. Flavors originate from all over but usually we take some of our favorite desserts and dishes and try and give them the Sugar & Spun treatment. (We have an olive oil sea salt in the works.)

And which is your favorite?
Jason: I can say mine is our Cookie Butter.
Nate: Cheesecake because it’s probably our creamiest flavor!
Justin: Cookies & Cream.

Adults tend to orderLi Hing Pineapple and Nutella Bananas & Strawberry

Kids tend to orderPeaches n Cream and Salted Chocolate Peanut Butter

The 3 flavors that best describe the SF Peninsula are:
Cookie Butter, Spiced Mango & Salted Chocolate Peanut Butter

Cotton Candy is best paired with
your hands.  Lol.  Best paired with a full stomach looking for a sweet fill.

Favorite candy as a kid:
: Reese’s Peanut butter Cups
Nate: Snickers and Peanut butter cups
Justin: Ask him in person!

Do you have tubs available for ordering online & delivery further than San Francisco? We launched our e-commerce and have catered birthdays, weddings, and baby showers in the past. We do on-line orders and ship throughout the United States. We’ve shipped Sugar & Spun to places like Texas, Tennessee and Los Angeles.

Thanks for letting us into the world of Sugar & Spun, you really have made the world a little sweeter.

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