Spring Vegetable and Planting Class!

Join us Saturday, March 7th from 1-2PM for the next class in the DIG IT series: Let’s Get Growing! This is a fun introductory class to everything you need to know about planting spring and summer vegetables. We’ll talk about choosing the best vegetables for your garden, spacing, companion planting, seeding vs. transplants, harvesting, and more! Free and open to the public, please feel free to bring friends and family, as well as all of your gardening questions.

cherry tomatoes

#1 Tip For Spring and Summer Veggie Plantings: WAIT!

Although all of us are dreaming of cherry tomato harvests, the number one tip for beginner gardeners can be summed up with one word: wait. Many nurseries are already selling tomato plants and other heat loving vegetable starts, but we highly recommend that you wait until mid-April or May to purchase and plant all your favorite summer veggies. March can be a volatile month here in the Bay Area with unpredictable dips and dives in temperature. We’d hate for you to plant those mouth-watering heirloom tomatoes now and for there to be a cold snap that wipes out your tiny plants when they’re susceptible to cold and harsh weather. Our rule of thumb is to never plant tomatoes until after Tax Day: think of it as your reward!

Collards Peas

Update From Persimmon Park

In mid-February, residents pulled and harvested all of their winter veggies at Persimmon Park to make room for a new set of gardeners. We had an enormous harvest to give away that included big bunches of leafy greens, mouth watering peas, broccoli shoots, piles of onions, bags of edible flowers and salad mix, and more! A big thank you to everyone who came out to harvest and clean up all the raised beds – it was a fun and productive day that included volunteers of all ages. Once the beds were cleaned out, a team of gardeners came through and amended the beds with new compost and fertilizer. The soil will be healthy and strong for a new group of gardeners who are excited to get planting in the spring!

empty beds 02

Happy gardening and mark your calendars for the the next DIG IT class on Saturday, March 7th from 1-2PM!