Go Green! 4 Eco-Friendly Fitness Items

Celebrate the beautiful earth year-round by stepping out to enjoy the amazing natural scenery in San Mateo County. Help improve the health of the earth while you’re improving your own health by choosing environmentallyfriendly fitness gear. The next time you outfit yourself for yoga in the park or a quick run or bike ride, make it even more worthwhile by investing in one of these eco-conscious items.

The Manduka Yoga hand towel is made of recyclable microfiber, and the packaging is made from recycled material. When you use your towel, you’re supporting your body and the earth! Try the eKO Lite Mat ($46) from Manduka too! Made from non-Amazon-harvested, natural tree rubber, it contains no PVC or toxic plasticizers and will leave no footprint in landfills. And it only weighs 3.5 pounds, making it a good bet for traveling.


Nike‘s latest minimalist running shoe, the FlyKnit, brings yarn bombing to a whole new level! It’s made completely of yarn, so there are no leftover scraps making their way to landfill. Plus the shoe is designed to be worn without socks, further reducing the gear you need while on the run.

Another great shoe is New Balance newSky ($89), the minimal design means less material is used in its construction, reducing waste and making a comfy, lightweight shoe. The shoe’s upper is made from fabric engineered from recycled PET water bottles — about eight bottles are used in the creation of one pair of newSky sneakers.

When you’re getting fit or on a long ride, water is critical, but the plastic bottles that contain H2O aren’t good for anybody. Production and disposal of these bottles generates a lot of waste. Did you know? In California alone, nearly 3 million empty water bottles wind up in the trash every day. Switch to a reusable water bottle made from higher quality materials and help reduce the waste and avoid. Camelbak makes bottles and reservoirs that are 100% Free of BPA and BPS, keeping you worry-free from the very first sip.They even make a silicon wrapped glass version!


Walkscore.com rates Bay Meadows high on the list for walkable locations to live on the San Francisco Peninsula and for good reason! Bay Meadows has a high Walkscore because it is steps from shopping, groceries, parks, Caltrain, a farmer’s market and a few short miles from downtown San Mateo with its bourgeoning restaurant scene. Check out our Mosey suggestions for more places to explore on foot!