Creative ways to keep kids busy all summer

When summer break hits and kids are at home, it can take a lot of planning to keep little ones busy and fill those long, lazy summer days. Whether you’re looking for indoor art activities or messy projects and fun ways to cool tots off, here are some easy ways to keep the kiddos entertained all summer long:

Art Activities:
Scribble A Keepsake: You can easily turn toddler scribbles into a cute keepsake full of memories. Simply painting a blank canvas with the color of your choice, select a pattern or two and neatly cut out your toddler scribbles, then arrange and modpodge on the canvas.

Palm Paintings: Kids love painting their hands and feet, and it’s amazing how you can cleverly turn those little digits into custom collections. From rockets to monsters, here are a few ideas to get you started. Use a canvas or thick art paper and frame up those wiggly tootsies for all to see!


Pick a Stick: Spend a little time talking as a family about fun activities you would all enjoy. Make a list of 50-100 things and write them on blank craft sticks. Your stick ideas can be a special sweet treat like Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes, craft projects like Make Bouncy Balls and Homemade Flubber, or a trip to the local library or ice cream shop. Place the sticks in a jar and pick a stick a day, depending on the activity you can pick one or more – whatever works for your family! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Head Outside:
Sponge Water Balls: These are a new take on an old classic! These reusable water sponges won’t leave the mess of little balloon pieces but will give you all the enjoyment of an old fashion water fight. The kids will love crafting this simple sponge balls and have a blast tossing them around all summer.

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Momdays Bay Meadows

Bubbles! We all know how fascinating these mystical orbs can be, here are a few new ideas: Rainbow Bubble Snakes, Bubble Painting, Rainbow Foam Bubbles, and of course Giant Bubbles.

A movie marathon with fresh popped popcorn, popsicles and fruit smoothies are a great way to lounge with the kids during rest time. PopSugar lists another 100 free things to do to keep the kids busy.

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