Meetup, Create Connections through Running

Do you enjoy lacing up your shoes and going on a run? It’s great fun and an excellent way to stay healthy while getting rid of your daily stress. Sometimes the hardest part about staying motivated to run is the knowledge that you are going it alone. If that is an obstacle for you than you are in luck as there are a number of local running meetup groups. Whether you run trails or pavement, prepare yourself to meet a number of like-minded athletes in and around San Mateo.

San Mateo Seal Point Park Run&Cardio for Fitness
This group is all about fitness and running. The founder started running at Seal Point Park while incorporated resistance training into his workout. Now the group is all about finding like-minded individuals who would want to train together. All fitness levels are welcome. Running times are usually a little after 6pm each day in the week and early morning in the weekends. Are you in?

Mid-Peninsula Running Club
The Mid-Peninsula Running Club has been around since 1988 serving runners in San Mateo County. Club members run together twice a week, as schedules allow: Saturday mornings at Seal Point and Thursday evenings, rotating locations on the peninsula. They welcome new & experienced runners and run-walkers of various speeds. Learn more on their website:

Running Around The SanFranciscoBay (RATS)
Originally known as P. A. Running Opportunities Plus, members and runners alike soon changed the name of this group to Running Around The SanFranciscoBay (RATS). The group is run by volunteers who schedule and lead outings from time to time.  They plan to also host a wiki page on local running resources as well as swimming and biking events for those training for or interested in Triathlon events. The perfect fusion of running and social – Think running with a friend like its Bay to Breakers.

Peninsula Trail Running
If you are interested in trail running in the mid-peninsula then this is the group for you. The group runs trails from Los Altos to Burlingame. All skills levels are welcome. This group was started to meet other outdoor runners who enjoy the fresh air and an ever changing run.

Happy running.

San Mateo is a great place to meet people and connect. Meetup and Mosey are both good places to find groups with common interests and ideas for fun things to do. Another thing San Mateo is great for is food. San Mateo even won Rand McNally’s Best of the Road: Best Small Town for Food! Take a look at the Ramen Crawl we created on Mosey, which includes 8 delicious ramen restaurants. Mmm…