Meetup and Explore Bay Area Cycling

Last month we showcased a number of hiking Meetups where people can get together and experience the great outdoors. This month we turn to two-wheeled enthusiasts and explore Meetup bicycle groups in and around San Mateo.

Western Wheelers
Based in Palo Alto and established in 1968, this group is a recreational road cycling club that rides throughout the South Bay and Peninsula area. Riders of all abilities and interests are welcome. The group also has an extensive ride rating system so you can choose your perfect ride.

Velo Girls
Founded in 2002, Velo Girls is the premier women’s cycling club in the San Francisco bay area, offering rides, clinics, and events for women (and men) throughout the year. Their members include recreational and competitive road cyclists, mountain bikers, and cyclocrossers, ranging in age from teens to 60s, spanning from Morgan Hill to Mendocino, Half Moon Bay to the East Bay. This group has been recognized by USA Cycling as Club of the Year in 2003, 2004, 2006, and 2008 and voted Best Bike Club by Competitor Magazine, City Sports Magazine, and the Bay List. Girl Power!


Mid-Peninsula Bicycling Group
While not a racing group, the Mid-Peninsula Bicycling Group is primarily for experienced group-riding road-bike riders. Owning a road-bike is a requirement to join (as opposed to mountain bikes, hybrids, cross, or folding bikes). This is for group pace and ride flow considerations.

Bay Area Cycling
For people looking to meet other local cyclists for rides all around the greater San Francisco Bay Area, explore new trails, share training tips, etc. They offer an extensive rating system based on ride length, experience level and cycling style so you will be sure to pick the appropriate ride for your skill level. With rides ranging from Beginner to Advanced (there is even a Dinner ride option, a Sporting or Recreational ride that ends at a restaurant) this group offers something for everyone.

Wherever your cycling adventures may take you, remember to always be safe, wear your helmet and other protective gear and obey all rules of the road.

San Mateo is a great place to meet people and connect. Meetup is a great tool to find groups with common interests and ideas for fun things to do. Another thing San Mateo is great for is food. San Mateo even won Rand McNally’s Best of the Road: Best Small Town for Food!