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Bay Meadows continues to make a splash as an innovative transit-oriented-development. And – in case you missed it – recent stories in the media have picked up on the excitement …

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by Matt Hickman

Don’t bother rooting around online in search of wagering details, track layout or a stakes calendar for Bay Meadows.

You won’t find any of it.

Brennan is featured in a story on

Brennan is featured in a story on

Instead, you’ll find info about pop-up yoga sessions and an event called “Explore the World of Kale.” You’ll find pictures of people with sleeve tattoos, pictures of people mounting fixed-gear bicycles and boarding commuter trains, pictures of people lugging around straw tote bags overflowing with fresh produce and grinning like they just won Powerball. You’ll find leasing announcements. You’ll find cupcakes. You’ll find artisanal coffee. You’ll find community.

Welcome to the new Bay Meadows.

In 2008, Bay Meadows Racetrack, a storied and very much old-school thoroughbred horse racing facility just south of San Francisco, was shuttered after nearly 75 years in operation. The iconic racetrack was subsequently demolished, grandstands and all, to make way for 1,066 new housing units for the rapidly growing city of San Mateo.

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From Bisnow
by Allison Nagel

At Bay Meadows, one of the largest redevelopment projects in the Bay Area, Wilson Meany and financial partner Stockbridge Capital Group are completely transforming the old racetrack. Bisnow caught up with Christopher Meany and Janice Thacher to chat about Bay Meadows and Treasure Island, look to the future and highlight an essential tool when traveling—an e-reader.

The Bay Meadows redevelopment will include 1,000 residential units, 780k SF of office space, 40k SF of retail space and 18 acres of public parks. SurveyMonkey already has grabbed up an entire office building.

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The Treasure Island project, a JV with Stockbridge Real Estate Funds, Lennar Corp and Kenwood Investments, will redevelop the former US Naval Station to include 8,000 residential units, 235k SF of retail space, 500 hotel rooms, and more than 300 acres of public parks and open space.

Bisnow: Why is infill development and redevelopment so important for Wilson Meany?

Chris Meany: We believe fundamentally in creating vibrant places that are both responsible to the people they serve and complementary to their surroundings. Infill development is not only a part of our portfolio—it is exclusively our portfolio, because we believe in cities and the need for cities from an ecological, cultural and social perspective. Cities provide ideas, access and opportunities in a way that other places cannot and we strive to enhance and help the cities in which we work thrive.

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