Hand Craft Your Valentines and Catch a Local Workshop

Skip the store and show your loved ones how much you care with a one-of-a-kind homemade Valentine’s Day card made straight from the heart. We also chatted with local favorite, Scribble Me Happy, to get their expert opinion on Valentine card crafting. Catch them at Bay Meadows’ Paddock Park for Momdays on Feb 8th at 3pm and be sure to watch for more events at Bay Meadows here.

Scribble Me Happy shared what is currently trending in crafting your own cards: “Right now cards that are foiled are on trend. We love all the new beautiful foil colors, such as rose gold, mint green and silver.”

They also shared the materials they love working with: “We are completely in love and addicted to stamping and die cuts. It is a process that makes cutting out stamped pictures or words easy.”

Show the love by pulling together these unbelievably fun and adorable ideas in no time:
Accordion Envelope Card: This accordion card gives you an opportunity to celebrate your sweetheart’s many virtues, call up special memories, and showcase tiny trinkets. Fill the envelopes with handwritten notes, assorted mementos, and little presents such as gift cards or movie tickets.

Folded Cards: What better way to communicate your love to your main squeeze than with an accordion-fold card? A quick print, cut, and crease is all it takes to make a card with a trio of hearts, a big LOVE, or sweet old XOXOs.

Heart-and-Lollipop Flowers: With just a little TLC, colorful hearts flourish as the petals of a new flower variety — one with a lollipop center and stem. Perfect for classmates and teammates.

Valentine’s Day Card Bookmark: Kids can use craft punches to create playful cards that double as bookmarks.

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Need a last-minute Valentine that doesn’t look like it’s, ahem, last-minute?

For Keeps: There’s only one way to gain access into that heart, give the key to the one your heart belongs to. Start with a blank note, glue, and felt tip marker.

Use buttons, bows, and embellishments to add sophistication and style to your Valentine’s Day cards — your special someone will love the homemade gift. Scribble Me Happy says, “Nothing beats having a handmade card with a special letter inside.”

Scribble Me Happy in San Mateo will be hosting I Heart Art Classes on Tuesday (February 2-23) from 3:30pm – 4:30pm for ages 4-6 where you can show your love for art with this super fun mixed media class. Kids create lovely works of art based on Valentine’s Day. Good luck getting crafty and creative!
Be sure to watch for late hours each First Friday at Scribble Me Happy…

The vibrant Bay Meadows Town Square will be the ideal gathering place with ground floor retail, outdoor dining, pop-ups and more. Modeled after European plazas, it will include a large central fountain as the focal point and will serve as an energetic and dynamic urban core with plenty to keep you occupied. Once Caltrain is electrified, the platform will be elevated and grade separations will be installed on 31st and 28th Avenues, which means the Town Square will be the perfect place to relax outside for a glass of wine or an ice cream after a day of shopping at Hillsdale Mall.

Cover image credit: Scribble Me Happy, @lotsoflovelies workshop