Meet another family that calls Bay Meadows Home

Meet your newest neighbors, Alice and Robert, and their adorable newest addition. I love meeting up with Alice in the neighborhood. Not only is she sweet, but she also has a great sense a humor! Alice and Robert recently moved from downtown San Mateo to Bay Meadows. They fell in love with the Bay Meadows community, and having a few friends who had already planted their roots here it made the decision an easy one! Within just a couple of months, they completely settled into their new home, and they’ve grown to love the community even more.

Here’s what Alice had to say when we caught up.

Alice and baby

Describe the moment you “knew” it was home:

We’ve always been renters, but we’ve also always had the urge to decorate our place with art, which means that we had to worry about what our landlord would approve or disapprove of. I knew it was home when I could put up wall art without my landlord’s disapproving glare in the back of my mind.

3 features we “love” most about our new home:

  • The open floor plan and the large windows. We don’t have window coverings yet, so please enjoy the complementary Shakira dance show my daughter and I put on daily.
  • Everything is new and customized to our design aesthetic. We are no longer victim to puke-green linoleum floors and what can only be described as retro appliances.
  • The chopstick rack in the dishwasher. Pure genius!

What amenity most excites you about life at Bay Meadows and why?

We love being able to walk to just about anything. When I need overpriced fruit, Whole Foods is just around the corner. When I need to feel young again, Forever 21 is just across the street.

What is your favorite thing about living at Bay Meadows so far?

The people! It’s great living so close to the new friends I’ve made—so close that I don’t even need binoculars to watch them sleep.

There are so many great activities to do outdoors; what are some of your favorites?

I love Zumba at Paddock Park. There’s nothing like stuffing myself into spandex and shaking what my momma gave me out in the open air.

Quick fire round (1-word or phrase)

Favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon together:

Taking my baby to the swings at Paddock Park and feeling like an unstoppable rebel duo, as she’s clearly too young to legally take a spin in it.

Favorite thing to do in San Mateo:

Going to the Farmers Market at the College of San Mateo and eating enough samples to qualify as a full meal (or two).

Let’s welcome this lovely family to Bay Meadows and be sure to say hello if you see them around the neighborhood!

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