Learn about why this local mom loves Momdays at Paddock Park

Meet Kelly and her two adorable kiddos who are regulars to our weekly Momdays series every Monday at Paddock Park. A Bay Area native, Kelly is so in love with the area that she couldn’t think of living anywhere else.

Kelly and I recently caught up on what she loves about Momdays, and I learned about some of her other favorite things to do in and around San Mateo.


What do you love about attending Momdays at Paddock Park?

I love connecting with other moms while my daughters connect with other children. My kids have formed friendships with other children in the community, and there’s nothing better to see your children playing happily. They look forward to seeing their friends every Monday, while I get to catch up with other moms in the community. It’s a win-win for all.

Who are some of your favorite entertainers at Paddock Park and why?

My five-year-old daughter loves when the face painter is there. It’s like a holiday in our household. I love when Andy Z or Jamaroo Kids are there, mainly because it’s great to see the kids dancing and being active.

What are some of your other favorite parks in San Mateo?

We love Central Park; it’s another great park just because there is so much to do. Since I have a two-year-old and a five-year-old, it’s important that everyone is being entertained. There are always lots of other children there for them to play with. Central Park offers train rides, and they have different play structures for big and little kids. Also, the Japanese Gardens are beautiful. We also like Casanova and Laurelwood Parks, because they both offer activities for both ages.

Quick Fireround:

Favorite Local Restaurant: B Street and Vine

Best place to spend a family Day: We are SF Giants fans and love spending the day at the ballpark

Three Words to describe Bay Meadows: Family, Community, Active

Everyone knows it takes a village to raise great kids. Bay Meadows welcomes San Mateo parents to our village for some family-friendly shenanigans every Monday from 3-5pm. Join the Bay Meadows community at Paddock Park for everything under the sun, including live music, puppet shows, crafts, and more. The events change monthly. Every Monday from 3-5pm, make your escape to the great outdoors with other parents and kids from all around the city.  Get the scoop here!