6 Gadgets We Dig For The Home

Looking for a bookcase that charges your devices or a way to monitor your house plants with an app? Discover these creative tech solutions for your space at Bay Meadows and see just how cool your home can get thanks to new technology and gadgets.

Homemade Cider Maker: Make your own delicious craft cider at home from fresh fruit. Explore creative flavor combos with this new tabletop machine. Choose a recipe on the Alchema app, add the ingredients along with a yeast packet, and wait about 1 to 2 weeks. The app will notify when the batch is finished.

Desk with cord management: The modern classic Jeremiah Collection Midcentury Desk is a nice addition to any small space and an easy way to declutter a mess of cords. The desk features 8″ cable management cubby in the back and three hardwood drawers that provide ample storage space.

Smart Mirror: Perseus is the world’s smartest hands-free mirror – loaded with features to keep you connected and in control of your morning. Videos stream through the mirror, so you can seamlessly follow a makeup tutorial or get calendar, news, weather, and commute updates while getting ready. You can even connect your phone via Bluetooth to answer e-mails and texts straight through the mirror.

Lamp & Bookcase: The Bibliotheque Nationale is a standing floor lamp that also functions as a bookshelf and can also charge any of your devices with a USB port.


Flower Power. Monitor your plants’ health directly from your smartphone. Parrot Flower Power is a sensor that can be “planted” close to a plant, indoor or outdoor, in a pot or in open ground. It precisely measures, in real time, the parameters that are crucial for the growth and good health of plants: Soil moisture, fertilizer, ambient temperature and light intensity.

Smart Nightstand: Curvilux is a modern, minimalist and connected nightstand that will take your home and lifestyle to a whole new level. Keep your devices organized and fully charged, secure your personal items, wake up every morning with a sunrise perfectly synchronized to your sleeping cycles and more.

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