Bay Bike Share Membership Grows

You know the pretty blue bikes you’ve seen at hubs all around San Mateo? Not only are these two-wheelers good looking, but they’re shared by almost 500 people! That’s according to figures release by the City of San Mateo, showing adoption of the new system far and wide.

San Mateo’s Bay Bikes can be found at 13 stations, including at Bay Meadows – near the Nueva School, at the Kaiser campus and at Hillsdale Caltrain station. The total of 50 bikes can also be found at office campuses and in the City’s downtown locations.

The City also found that the busiest times for bike usage are:  8am-9am, then 5pm-6pm, followed by 12-1. The busiest hubs (in order)– City Hall, Caltrain Hillsdale East, Caltrain San Mateo and Nueva School.

Other findings for data gathered through September 30th include:

  • 2,343 trips taken
  • 2667 miles traveled

The EPA states that “The average passenger automobile emits about 411 grams of CO. 2 per mile.” So, imagine if those were car trips, that would’ve been 1,096,137 GMs of carbon emissions, but also the program is reducing congestion during peak hours.

Furthermore, there’s significant health benefits associated with bike-riding: the US Surgeon General recommends 21 minutes/day of physical activity, so those who are using bike-sharing for some of their trips could be adding to their proven health benefits without going to the gym, just in the course of getting from one place to another!

Joining Bay Bikes is easy and so is the pricing structure:

  • $15/month for a membership plan, which includes one hour of daily free time. OR
  • $5 hourly for add’l time of as an occasional user.

Yelper Edwin gave Bay Bike Share 5 stars and said, “Service is available 24/7, and you can rent the bikes using your smartphone, or simply go to the designated locations in and around San Mateo to rent or return the bikes. I find this quite convenient because this gives me the option to leave my bike at home and take a nice stroll downtown, and should I decide to buy grocery, I can rent a bike to help me carry it back home.

Plus, how cool is it to be sharing your bikes with 500 neighbors? Give the Bay Bikes a try today.

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