Meet Selina, subscriber to Bay Bike Share

San Mateo has been on the leading-edge of transportation options, with its innovative Bay Bike Share now over a year year old. 

We caught up with one monthly subscriber, Selina, who was eager to share her excitement about having these bikes at her disposal. Here’s what she had to say about the latest and greatest Bike Share Program.

Where did you hear about Bay Bikes?

I first heard about the Bay Bikes on the Bay Meadows Facebook page when it was Bike to Work Day.  I then noticed the bikes near Whole Foods at Park Place and outside the Nueva School, right here in the Bay Meadows neighborhood.

Are you a monthly or hourly user?

I’m a monthly user! It’s great having the option just to hop on a bike for either a quick ride to the shops or a longer ride out on the Bay Trail.

Have you used other bikes sharing systems? If so, how does this one compare?

I’ve used the London bikes that Boris Johnson introduced when he was mayor of London.  Even though he’s no longer mayor and he’s not flavor of the month after he left EU campaign, most Londoners still refer to the bikes as ‘Boris Bikes’.  I guess the main difference is that the London bikes covered the whole city area and there are more bike stations, but I hope more stations and bikes will appear in the San Mateo area as more people use them. The London bikes were also part of the Transport for London Oyster card system, but there doesn’t appear to be one travelcard here that links all the public transport systems.

Any tips for neighbors or others who haven’t used it yet but plan to?

Just do it!  It’s easy to register, cheap and there are so many great places to ride a bike around here.  Most of the area is flat so there is really no excuse not to get out there on a bike.

The bikes are available 24/7 and can be ridden throughout San Mateo, giving residents and commuters a sustainable and healthy way to run errands, get to work, or visit friends.

Bay Bike hubs are located all around town, near Caltrain stations and major employment centers, but riders may lock bikes to regular racks anywhere in San Mateo.

Selina 1Selina waiting for Caltrain

        Quick fire round (1-word or phrase)

  • Favorite thing to do in San Mateo: Cocktails at Pestle & Mortar, really great cocktails!
  • App I can’t live without: Twitter but I’m lost without my iPhone and all my apps!
  • Favorite local bite:  Vault
  • Three words you’d use to describe Bay Meadows:  Local, green space, convenient

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