Final Townhomes Being Snapped Up by Bay Meadows Residents

With only 10 townhomes remaining to be sold, some Bay Meadows residents are deciding to purchase a larger home within the community … before it’s too late.

Meadow Walk from Shea Homes are the final townhomes for sale in our midurban village. And the competition for these homes just ratcheted up, as some who have lived at Bay Meadows for a while make room for more family members or simply are ready to take up a bit more space.

“We went to at least 3 lottery releases before we got our new home at Meadow Walk!” Sean recalled, discussing the process to land a new Meadow Walk home. He and his wife Vivian first bought at Landsdowne … and then their family grew. They went from a 3-bedroom home to a 4-bedroom with much more square footage and space for their kids to run around and play.

James and Naomi had lived at Bay Meadows nearly from the beginning, in Landsdowne, when they “decided to drop a ball into the jar” for a larger place at Meadow Walk.

“We’re super interested in the growth of Bay Meadows as a whole, so we pay attention to each addition to the community, including new neighborhoods, and Meadow Walk caught our eye,” noted Naomi. She and her husband James appreciate the blend of the best of urban and suburban qualities that Bay Meadows offers.

“I grew up in the suburbs of southern California, so the idea of an urban village really appealed to me,” Naomi said. James chimes in, “The walkability at Bay Meadows and being transit-oriented is key for me. I take Caltrain to work every morning.”

Prior to Bay Meadows, James and Naomi lived in the east Bay. “We were looking for a central location that allowed for flexibility,” said James. “I was working in San Francisco, Naomi was in graduate school. Now, my job is in Cupertino and Naomi works in San Leandro so it works out perfectly.”

These couples are among a group of Bay Meadows residents we call our “move-up buyers.” It’s no surprise that longer-term residents want to stay in the neighborhood.

Naomi emphasizes, “I have to say, the sense of community we feel at Bay Meadows is unlike any other place we’ve ever lived or even visited. People are engaged, coming together and caring about their bigger community.”

For Sean, in addition to the “great family-oriented feeling, I really love this concept of a city within a city – housing, offices, public transportation, retail, parks. We love the fact that when we come home on a Friday, we can stay put if we like. There’ve been weekends where we don’t really drive anywhere. We can walk to Peets, to Whole Foods. We love that!”

Visit Meadow Walk Sales Center and Model Homes today:
405 Neves Road San Mateo, CA 94403
(650) 458-3426

Naomi and James in their brand new Meadow Walk kitchen.

Conveniently located between San Francisco and Palo Alto in San Mateo, Bay Meadows offers new homes for sale and for rent within walking distance of Caltrain. Ease of transportation is only one of many reasons you’ll fall in love with Bay Meadows. Beautiful, new, clean homes sit among 18 acres of open space, which includes parks, a community garden, public art, ball fields, bocce and basketball courts and a new playground. All this just a walk from Whole Foods, Chipotle, Crunch Fitness, Hillsdale Shopping Center and more. Plus, we’ve got best-in-class purveyors, such as Roam Artisan Burgers, Blue Bottle Coffee, Fieldwork Brewing beer garden and Tin Pot Creamery, coming soon to Bay Meadows’ Town Square. Learn more about what Midurban offers by following our Facebook page.