Persistence Paid Off

With Bay Meadows homes selling nearly as soon as they come to market, Nisha and her husband’s journey to successfully purchase their home here was a long one. Nisha describes how they were unsuccessful in one of the lotteries early on, so she and her husband looked elsewhere.

“I kept measuring everywhere else we looked against what I saw at Bay Meadows. Two years later, we were like, ‘Let’s try that lottery thing again.’”

Nisha was so focused on succeeding in the lottery that she called her mom back in India, in a different time zone, to ask her mother to pick the number. Sure enough, Nisha’s mom picked well. The couple secured one of the last homes in Shea Homes’ Brightside collection.

“I’m just grateful that I’m part of something that’s new and upcoming. I think we made a really great decision!”

Nisha grew up in Mumbai, one of the biggest, densest and busiest cities in the world. She and her husband then lived for six years in San Francisco. As they looked for a place to own and started exploring Peninsula communities, Nisha wondered, “The suburbs? Am I going to be able to hack it?”

Fast forward nearly a year and Nisha is thrilled with life in her new community. “We both take the train to work up in the city. We do a lot of walking here, everything is so convenient, with Whole Foods and my gym nearby. And I found a great nail salon.”

Nisha doesn’t really live in a suburb at all, but in a new kind of lifestyle that we at Bay Meadows call “midurban.” It’s not quite urban life because there are so many wide open spaces and not too much hustle and bustle. It’s not quite suburban because there are nearby conveniences, shopping and restaurants that you can bike to or walk to easily, without getting in your car.

“One thing that really surprised us – coming from the city – we didn’t know there would be such a sense of community,” Nisha said. “When we came here, we quickly felt a sense that we belong. When I go out to catch the train, I see friends and neighbors. I have friends over for dinner.”

Enjoy midurban living, Nisha!


Looking for a great place to ride? Bay Meadows and the surrounding San Mateo area are bike friendly and offer many different paths to ride and sights to see. The City of San Mateo even have an easy-to-use bike-sharing system, Bay Bikes. Plus, Bay Meadows has a convenient bike map that you can download here, so you can decide exactly where to ride. Some resident favorites include the Bay Trail as well as Coyote Point Park, and here’s a handy list of 10 sites within a six-mile bike ride. And join the Bay Meadows email list to stay on top of fun dates, such as Bike to Work Day 2017!