How Are You Playing in Bay Meadows Town Square?

Wikipedia tells us that the town square is traditionally where people come together to meet, or to sell and buy things, or to be entertained.

How about a place where people come to snap selfies by the cool sculpture? Or enjoy pints by the fire pits in the beer garden? Or maybe it’s where to get the kiddos sleepy with a leisurely sway on the porch swings?

Bay Meadows residents, visitors and nearby workers are making the most of this central gathering spot … and that’s before all the retail has opened.

Meadow Walk homeowner Sean shared insights into how he and his family are “town square-ing.” The beauty of living at Meadow Walk is it’s adjacent to the Town Square.

“Some nights, after we’ve got the girls fed and before they go to bed, we’ll walk up Franklin we’ll turn right into the Town Square. The girls’ll go out and chase each other around the sculpture, play tag. From there, we’ll go to the porch swings and the girls will run from one to the next…the porch swings are part of our evening walk.”

And the family has already visited the beer garden a handful of times since it opened. “We tend to visit Fieldwork on Sunday evenings. We’ll get the kids, hop on the bikes. I even bought our own little bocce ball set for kids. We’ve invited over family, so it’s aunts and uncles and cousins.”

As for the ping pong park? Sean intends to purchase a paddle and ball set, but with all the other activities, he knows there will be plenty of time for table tennis.

Cheyenne, a nearby San Mateo resident and soon-to-be LIFT instructor at the new studio in Bay Meadows, filled us in on all the things she – and her 3 year-old Oliver – are enjoying about the new Town Square.

“Oliver and I had lunch at the porch swings the other day. We love them!”

Cheyenne was the winner of a PUBLIC Bike from Bay Meadows during the recent Bike-to-Work Day Contest. She’s excited to share her bike lifestyle with Oliver. “I want him to grow up knowing that commuting on your bike is a normal thing.”

Stop by the Town Square today and you might catch Cheyenne and Oliver biking to the Mirror Labyrinth sculpture and running through the reflective paths.

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